i just feel like the weekends are never long enoug…

25 February 2003

i just feel like the weekends are never long enough. i was a little sick this past weekend so i spent very little time outside my apt. saturday: i went to the mall for a couple of hours, then went home; sunday: went to church, then to a family party, then went home. that’s it. so then comes monday, and the whole ordeal of works repeats all over again.

do you work to live or live to work? why can’t we have 4-day work weeks and 3-day weekends? everyone will be so much happier i think! not that i dread my current job…it’s actually pretty cushy..it’s just “the real world” i’m a little scared of. starting september, when my clerkship is over, i’ll be an actual practicing attorney. how the hell am i supposed to know what to do? to top it all of, someone will be depending on me to KNOW what to do…great! and heck, folks are already asking me legal advice! my answer: uhm, i don’t know. heheheh….

this sunday, i’m looking forward to going riding at mt. creek w/ some friends! one of my dreams is to be able to do a beautiful trick involving lots of air!! like kelly clark or tara karides! right now, i can only do the occasional rail and a half-hearted jump here and there. if i can only get throught the FEAR i’ll be fine….anyway, this sunday will be sweet! i am going to swallow my fear and just practice my heart out! can’t wait….of course, once sunday’s over with, it’s back to the daily grind.

which reminds me, i have to go back to work….


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