Today’s Topic:<i> Married Life and Things that Com…

27 February 2003

Today’s Topic:i> Married Life and Things that Come With It, Part I

I got married when I was 24 (actually, a month before my 25th b-day). So that’s pretty young considering today’s society. So yes, I still act young and irresponsible. I have no clue how to handle my finances, no investments except for a puny CD, no assets to speak of. But with marriage comes the fact that you now have to deal with your money. Not just your own money, but your spouse’s as well. In fact, you now have to think about sharing what little money you have with someone else. I feel bad for my hubs who has to support me because I haven’t had an income until Sept. 2002 (when I got my first annual income). He is the best!! He is so supportive of me financially, emotionally, and every other way you can think of. But I feel like such a big moocher. Whatever piddly little income I have, I put it into our joint account and that’s supposed to go towards buying a house.

The House Thing: Is there a written rule out there that once you get married, you’re supposed to buy a house, have some kids, get a pet, and live in idllyic suburbia all of a sudden? I never thought of buying a house until I got married, and now, my hubs and I are trying to save money to get one of these things. Problem is, I still have my heart set on living in NYC, hereafter, the “city”. I can’t pin-point out exactly why I’m holding onto the idea of living in a nice loft with cool furniture. I guess it may have to do with being scared of being seen as this suburban person or being trapped in suburbia. Most likely it’s because heck, I love the city!! But I can certainly compromise on the living thing. The house would have to be in Fort Lee, NJ, where we live now. Why? Because it’s only 10 mins into the city via the GW Bridge, and getting to downtown NY is fairly quick. In fact, I have gotten into Tribeca in 20 mins. tops on a Tuesday night at 7 pm. But do you see how suddenly, marriage comes with the idea that you have to have a house? Now, I care about buying a house and looking forward to decorating it and other fun stuff! Now, I actually want a home when I never thought about it before getting married! However, Fort Lee is expensive, and I just found out (using a mortgage calculator) that we can’t afford a nice 3-br home. So at this rate, we probably won’t have a house until next year. Phooey.


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  1. dear kat,

    i just saw this entry and OMG i could have been the one talking! like you, i’m still hoping (against hope, i presume) to have a place in the city, but at the rate that it’s going it probably won’t happen unless i win big bucks. sigh, long island is okay, but the city’s the city, you know?

    Hi Abby! Yeah, I moved from the city to NJ because we can’t afford a place in NYC (unless, yeah, I win the lottery!). And I wouldn’t want to live in Long Island cuz it’s just so darn far plus there’s only a few ways to get in and out just to get to the city! Where I live is ideal for us cuz it’s right across the GW Bridge so I get to NYC in literally 10 mins. Then again, my friends totally make fun of where I live –oh well! Good luck to you!

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