Last night, my hubs came home from Delaware (he wo…

28 February 2003

Last night, my hubs came home from Delaware (he works there Mon-Thurs which is a bitch/blessing sometimes). We went to the Outback Restaurant and I had my fill of RIBS!! Ribs are on my top-10 list of foods! All in all, it was a good evening and I had a fabulous time. Going to the Outback on Thursdays is becoming a tradition!

Yesterday was the last day of the NY/NJ Bar exam which some of my friends took. (CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL YOU, by the way!) Lucky for me, I didn’t have to go through the agony of the bar a second time. To say that the Bar is unpleasant is quite an understatement. So tonight, my friends and I are going to happy hour after work to celebrate the end of the Bar!! I’m totally looking forward to it! Have a few drinks, chat w/ the ladies, maybe go dance, and the whole-9. It should be fabulous!! (yes, I use the word fabulous a lot…my friends do know me as ghetto-fab kat =).

But for now, I’m at work. A few folks are out sick today (including my boss) so it’s nice and quiet and I’m doing some catch-up work. Working for the government is great for a lot of reasons:

a) you only work from 8:30-4:30 pm with a paid hour for lunch

b) you get 15 vacation days; 3 personal days; and 12 sick days for a total of 30 days

c) you get 13 official court holidays on top of the 30 days that you already have

d) you get let out early if the weather sucks (e.g., news of heavy rain or snow); if there’s a holiday (e.g., you get to leave at 1:30 pm on Dec. 24); or if there’s something going on.

e) health and dental and optical benefits!

f) your co-workers will bring in snacks and baked goodies all the time for no reason at all

My clerkship is only a 1-year term and I get all those benefits above (of course, if you are a non-law clerk, the vacation days may be less, but you still get all of the above). Of course, I don’t leave at 4:30 on the dot…I do stay until I finish work and I’ve left at 7:30 pm, but for the most part, my day is done by 5 pm. Which is why I’m going to miss this job. It’s funny too how your co-workers will act. They get mad when they aren’t let out by 2 pm on Thanksgiving, and they act all pissy when the Judge is still on the bench after 12:30 pm (heaven forbid they don’t get to eat lunch at 12:30 pm on the dot!!) –they just have this sense of entitlement that is very amusing considering that the real world of work out there is not nearly half as easy-going! I mean, if you were working for a corporate firm, leaving at 7 pm is leaving early…you know what I mean?? So that is why I’ll miss my clerkship….


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