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No motivation to do anything tonight except eat an…

31 March 2003

No motivation to do anything tonight except eat and veg out in front of the TV.


The weekend is almost over and I’ve gotten a few t…

30 March 2003

The weekend is almost over and I’ve gotten a few things in order. We’re a bit settled into our new home for the moment. Moved, put stuff away, got some laundry done, and even had a social life whilst all this commotion was happening.

Thursday: Went to see a play with two co-workers and a co-worker’s friend at the Public Theater called “Fucking A” by Suzan-Lori Parks, same dame who wrote “Topdog/Underdog.” This play was a modern take on “The Scarlet Letter,” the novel by Hawthorne about a woman who committed adultery and had to wear a letter “A” sewn onto the bodice of her dresses. In this new play, however, “A” stands for abortion (amongst other things). It was wholly entertaining and I enjoyed it much more than her other play Topdog. I suggest you watch it! But before the play, we met at Bond St. Sushi for some delicious food and great saketinis. I’ve been there a few times before (one time was for my b-day) and it’s fun to just stay in the lounge to drink and nosh on some sushi.

Friday: Okay, no social life on this day. See previous blog.

Saturday: Went to see some flats and townhouses in the Fort Lee area. Uneventful. But had dinner in a fab hole-in-the-wall Thai joint called Green Papaya in Flushing, NY with my family. Good food and company.

Sunday: Made an offer of this fab little house near where we used to live in Fort Lee. We’ll be crossing our fingers and I won’t be talking about this in order not to jinx ourselves. Please wish us luck! And tonight, I made plans have dinner in this yummy Cuban joint called Azucar in Edgewater, NJ. Mostly co-workers. It should be fun! Perhaps the best thing about today though, is that I just found out that my friends and I have started a collective blog chronicling the crazy exploits of five chicas! How fab! A sex-in-the-city type thing (or so we wish!) about what we do best –hang out together, eat dinners at fab places, go to lounges, and having a snazzy time!


We have officially moved into our parents’ home in…

28 March 2003

We have officially moved into our parents’ home in Demarest, NJ. Exhausted. We woke up at 6:45 am to put away all our stuff before the movers came. There were three moving men who came by our flat ’round 10-ish (they were supposed to be there between 8-9 am!). I was particulary delighted that the main moving guy (the spokesman, if you will) had a nice Brit accent…from Manchester perhaps? He was a small guy, but had a lot of energy. In any case, the movers got everything out and the flat was clean by 12 noon.

*Yawn* It’s a Friday night and all I’ll be doing is puttering around trying to arrange things. Mark says if we get a lot of things sorted away, he’ll treat me to a hot fudge sundae. How lovely! Must be off now. Ta.


A friend of mine here at work is mad at me and 2 o…

27 March 2003

A friend of mine here at work is mad at me and 2 others. But what’s worse is that her feelings are totally warranted. I was a bad friend and took her for granted. So for this morning, I’ve e-mailed her a few times to apologize but she has not answered back. I don’t like this feeling. Her anger towards me and the others stemmed from the fact that we had planned to watch a play tonight. She found out and was a bit miffed at the fact that she wasn’t invited. I know that feeling. It was like when I found out my friends went to go see a show without even asking me. The real issue here is the fact that she was excluded from the initial invite to go. Everyone likes being invited. In fact, I’ve made sure to invite all my friends to anything fun I’m planning to do where it be parties, going to a film, eating dinner or whatnot. However, I have failed this person by slowly distancing myself from her and excluding her. How un-fab.


We didn’t get the townhouse. Oh well. And ugh……

27 March 2003

We didn’t get the townhouse. Oh well. And ugh…there’s still all this packing to do. One thing I will consciously try to do from now on is to stop buying clothes (unless in dire emergency =). I have too many of them that I don’t wear, some I wear only seasonally, and some I don’t quite dig anymore. One thing’s for sure, when we do find a home of sorts, I will whittle down all the unecessaries!

I’ve decided to do a new blog format and make this more of an entertaining, Bridget Jonesy-type chronicle of the ins-n-outs of my life. So folks, please do try to read this in a fab Brit-accent in manner of B.Jones (or Georgia Nicolson, see 3/25 blog).

Work was draining today though I was only there from 8 am to 1:30 pm. It was Megan’s Law Day, which some of the Sheriff’s Officers I work with have lovingly dubbed “Pervert’s Day”. Long and short of it, it’s a day where we have hearings to determine the extent to which a community should be informed that a sexual offender is in their midst. Alarming really. Because of this, I will never let a child of mine (or under my care) go to the loo by him/herself ever until the age of 14 yrs old. One defendant of mine liked to hang out in the loo of Chuch E. Cheese’s to hear 7-9 year old boys pee and wank himself off. And no, I am not making this up. Lovely, isn’t it?

Then I went home early to pack. That is my day. Still is. Now I have to be off and help the hubs dismantle the bed. Ta.


Why do I have a 3-hour class tonight?! Why?! I hav…

25 March 2003

Why do I have a 3-hour class tonight?! Why?! I have to go to a CLE (Wills) class again tonight from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Good thing I brought me a book…my new reading pleasure is called “Knocked Out by my Nunga-Nungas.” Yup, that’s the title. It’s actually book 3 of a “series” of some sort –the life of Georgia Nicolson, this 14-yr old Brit gal. Okay, okay…so it’s really a “young adult” book series, but it’s hilarious! My friend Annie gave me the first of the series entitled “Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging” and I was hooked. Think Bridget Jones if she was 14. It’s pretty funny. Good escape. Try it.

I got to work late today. Rolled in at 10:30 am b/c the hubs and I were signing papers for an offer for this townhouse we liked here in Fort Lee. Yay! I hope we get it…..Oh man…I need to get the novenas going.


Mondays suck: There are not enough days in the wee…

24 March 2003

Mondays suck: There are not enough days in the weekend. And then Monday comes and you wake up as usual to go to work. I need a cup of coffee to get myself going otherwise I’ll just snap your head-off. I’m not a morning person so it’s really hard for me to be cheerful and talk about what I did during the weekend at 8:30 in the morning. My co-workers are like that though…always greeting me nicely and being chatty. Ugh. I mean it’s fine for them because they’re all over 40 yrs. old and are used to waking up at 6 am…but that’s because they sleep at 9 pm the night before!

This Monday is especially worse than usual only because I have all these things I’m worrying about in my head. For starters, I still have to pack a shit load of my stuff at home. We have to be about of our apartment by this Friday (3/28) and my stuff is still all over the place. And I mean my stuff only (the hubs is not a pack-rat like moi). There are all these things I have apparently held on to over the years. Letters from friends from back in the day (we’re talking high school here…and even a few from junior high); old pictures (oh man, I have to post one of them up…as soon as our scanner is un-packed…hilarious photo of Sol, Girlie, Trish, & I from 1996); knick-knacks…you name it. I keep them around because I’m still dead-set on the idea of putting together a scrapbook. So for now, I can’t throw them away.

Then there’s also this thing called CLE. Continuing Legal Education classes. Both NY and NJ require us newly admitted lawyers to take a certain number of hours of classes. It’s such bullcrap. In any case, I missed a class last semester, so now I have to make it up. Problem is, the class I need to make-up is scheduled tonight, but I just got my letter with a brand-new registration form last week. So needless to say, I have not sent it my payment (yes, this shiite is not free) and so I may not be able to take it tonight. The next cycle starts in the summer and apparently, that one doesn’t count in terms of credits. Argh! Confusing. To top it all off, no one is answering the phones! It’s almost 10 am for pete’s sake!!!

Then I got a letter from the NY Board of Admissions last Friday regarding my application. Apparently, they need proof of my immigration status to make sure I’m not an illegal alien. So now I have to get a certified copy of my green card and send it in ASAP so they can process my application to be admitted in NY as a lawyer.

Another major concern is that tonight, the hubs and I are planning to put in a bid for a townhouse we saw in Fort Lee. Mark is going over to our realtor tonight to sign all the documents. I’d like to be there, but I don’t know if I can due to CLE (if I get in). So we’ll see how it goes. May the fates be with us!