So the weekend is over. What did I do? Okay, so …

3 March 2003

So the weekend is over. What did I do? Okay, so Friday, I went with some co-workers to this placed called the Whiskey Cafe in freaking Lyndhurst, NJ. (Yes, I live in Fort Lee, NJ.. but only since June 2001 and in no way do I know anything about NJ besides going to work and back home; mall and back home; and only recently have I connected work to the mall without getting lost. In short, I did not grow up in NJ and I have yet to explore NJ’s nightlife). Ok, a co-worker (a Jersey girl stereotype brought to life!) picked this place out, raving about it. My friend Jill and I (the only ones there that were non-NJ natives) entered this place and were quite amazed and skeeved out. Think Spring Break except that everyone is already in their mid & late 20’s and 30’s who have long since graduated from college and are partying like it’s 1999. Horrendous club music was playing; there were buckets of beer all over the floor (there was a beer special apparetnly); drinks were served in plastic tumblers; there’s a blacklight; and the entire Soprano family seemed to be there. Needless to say, we left the place in exactly 1 hour and 21 minutes and left the Srping Break-gone-bad scene behind us. I stayed home for the night and played the Sims on PS2.

Saturday –glorious day because I went riding w/ my hubs at Mt. Creek. It was surprisingly not that crowded, but maybe that was because we only stayed in South Peak and didn’t go to Vernon at all. Each time I go, I try to improve my skills…I try to ride faster, do higher jumps (during each runs), and practice doing rails and jumps. But it seems that after lunch, my energy just wanes and my legs don’t seem to do what I want them to do. For example, I tried to do this small jump in the terrain park –I did it fine a few times that morning, but when I went again after lunch, it went horribly wrong!! I don’t know what happened…I went up and then I go SPLAT! face down on the top of the peak, hitting my right knee cap hard…then I tumble down head first, land on my ass, and then my cap and goggles flew off and stayed at the downward part of the jump –out of my reach. I stay lying down, dazed…Mark rushed over yelling “are you okay?! Get out of there!” because of course, other people are coming down that jump too and won’t see me because I hidden on the landing side of the jump. Shit. It took me a while to get up, crawl up the jump to get my stuff, and try to avoid the people who could’ve landed on my head. That sucked. Then on the next run after that, I rest on the side of a trail to blow my nose and this skier rams her ski right into my shin. We get tangled up for a good 5 minutes. I’m trying to get her off me, but at the same time, we’re both sliding down because it’s icy and we were on a slope. But hey, these things happen, no?

Next weekend, I’m going riding again in Mt. Snow, VT! Can’t wait!! Maybe this time, I’ll land a nifty trick. Or so I wish. But one thing’s for sure: I am definitely wearing my helmet!


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