I’m in a pissy mood today…. I’m generally a cra…

13 March 2003

I’m in a pissy mood today….

I’m generally a cranky, moody person. But I do hide that pretty well on a regular basis. No, I’m not being “fake” or anything like that…what I mean to say is that if I’m in a bad mood, I know I shouldn’t take it out on other people. So I’m nice and act normal. If I’m in a bad mood, no one will know unless you’re a good friend who I feel I don’t have to hide my feelings from. But today, I came to work this morning with a migraine in the works, so I’m especially extra-sensitive today and little things just set me off. But it’s bloody hard to hide it with a migraine, let me tell you….though I’m trying…

Here’s what pissed me off this morning so far:

1) Hearing co-workers talk with elaborate details about their respective illnesses and ailments: I mean, is it necessary to describe the you are poo-ing out blood and that you need to see your doctor and it’s probably because you ate nuts that you weren’t supposed to? (Oh wait, let me just tell you that I work in an office where I am the currently the youngest person. Everyone else is about 40 years old and up.) So while they are super-nice and I’m lucky to have such friendly, supportive co-workers, I do get tired of hearing about how your kidney don’t work that well, how you just had a colonoscopy and want another one, or how you can’t eat certain foods because it goes right through you. Normally, I’mfine and can sympathize, but just not today…

2) Getting an e-mail from friends canceling dinner for the 100th time: Okay, so I have some friends who I’m trying to schedule dinner with. This is hard because we have different schedules. So we set a date, then one friend says she can’t go because she’s broke. Okay, fine. But heck, you see us once every 2 months, tops. Is it such a big deal to go eat dinner? I understand the whole money situation, I really do. I’m not rich, I’m not Bill Gates, my credit card balance is threatening to take over my life, but hey, I still go out. If I let being broke stop me from going out, then I would never see the light of day –EVER. But yes, I feel bad for being bitchy…it’s just that we had already planned this and it’s so hard to find a day that’s mutually agreeable to all of us without having someone cancel 3 days before. In any case, we reschedule, only to see one e-mail after another about “Well this day isn’t good, and this day isn’t good…” Long and short of it: we’re not going out to dinner this month at least.

3) Getting an e-mail from friends who I invited out saying they can’t go because they were thinking of doing something else, so why don’t I just ditch my original plans to go and join them instead: I’m planning to go this Sunday with some co-workers to go do pottery. We planned this last week. Okay, so invited my other friends to join us. We plan on doing the pottery thing at 2 pm. They e-mail back saying “Oh, we were thinking of watching a movie that day which we were going to invite you to, but now I guess you can’t join us because you’ll be doing pottery. Why don’t you just ditch pottery and join us?” Okay, normally I wouldn’t take offense, but since I’m in a pissy, cranky mood today, I’m like: “What the hell, isn’t it possible to do more than one activity in one given day? Is it too much to figure out that hey, maybe Kat can go watch the movie with us after she finishes pottery!” I only plan on doing pottery for a couple of hours tops. Okay, so maybe they plan to the watch movie at 12 pm or 1 pm. Whatever, I don’t know. I’m just really irritated today…I mean, don’t you know how scheduling works? What about in real life then? Heaven forbid you have to do 2 different things in one day! Okay…that’s enough of my ranting…I know it’s stupid. I know I’m being stupid.

That’s it so far….I’m sure there’ll be more things to add to the list. After all, it’s not even 10:00 am yet!!


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