Re-Cap of my Weekend…. Friday: Went to the Met …

17 March 2003

Re-Cap of my Weekend….

Friday: Went to the Met for the DaVinci and Manet/Velazquez exhibits. It was very crowded. This was at 7 pm on a Friday night. Saw the Manet/Velasquez one (such gorgeous colors…they just pop!) but apparently, we got there too late for the DaVinci exhibit (they closed it 20 minutes early). On the plus side, we got to see the African-American Drawings exhibits which we didn’t know about….we also saw this other room that I never knew about filled with Polynesian/Tribal artifacts including these cool canoes with carved ivory figures on the ends of the canoe….sweet. When I have a house, I’m going to buy a nice, high-quality Mark Rothko print or a Seurat print. We’ll see.

I love going to the Met (but not that day, because it was just too crowded). Each time ago, I swear they move everything around. And just when you think you know where something is, they promptly move it to a different wing! In any case, The Met’s one of those places where you can just hang out, look around, read a book, sketch, write…nice.

After the Met, we went to Sylvia’s for dinner over in Harlem. Yummy, hearty, cheap, soul/Southern-style food. I had the fried catfish. We saw Sylvia herself who asked all the tables how they were enjoying their meals. (So this dispels any rumours that she’s dead, or has sold her business). I also had my first taste of this drink called “Perfect Alibi” –which is a mix of champagne, Alize, and cranberry juice. It was fabulous.

Saturday: Okay, the first half of the day was spent hauling boxes to our cars. The hubs and I went to the storage place. It took us more than an hour and a half to secure a stupid little room because first of all, the price quoted to us was wrong. Turns out, the room cost about $30 more than what they told us over the phone. Of course, they didn’t tell us about the price change until after we had signed all the papers. So I was like, “huh?” No way we are paying that much when you said a different price over the phone!! But eventually, we relented (we had no where else to go and the boxes were all in our car already). So we had to re-sign the papers. Then, we found out that the room we got was a mess! With crap all over the place, olive oil on the floor, trash, you name it! I was livid. What, did no one clean up before they rented out these rooms? Talk about unprofessional, crappy service!! So we had to go back to the front desk, complain, and we got a new room, with 1 month’s free rent. But, we had to fill out these papers all over again.

So after we got this room, finally, we proceeded to unload….we got there at about 10:30 am, and we left at about 2:20 pm or so. And let me just tell you, we didn’t have that many boxes really.

Sunday: Uneventful. All we did was pack up and try to clean up. Although I packed up about 5 boxes, the place still looks completely lived-in.

Today: I have a memo to finish at work. It’s such a lovely day today!!! I’m so happy I can drive around with my windows rolled down and blasting my music. Little things like that make me happy. So today will be a promising day….more later.


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