We didn’t get the townhouse. Oh well. And ugh……

27 March 2003

We didn’t get the townhouse. Oh well. And ugh…there’s still all this packing to do. One thing I will consciously try to do from now on is to stop buying clothes (unless in dire emergency =). I have too many of them that I don’t wear, some I wear only seasonally, and some I don’t quite dig anymore. One thing’s for sure, when we do find a home of sorts, I will whittle down all the unecessaries!

I’ve decided to do a new blog format and make this more of an entertaining, Bridget Jonesy-type chronicle of the ins-n-outs of my life. So folks, please do try to read this in a fab Brit-accent in manner of B.Jones (or Georgia Nicolson, see 3/25 blog).

Work was draining today though I was only there from 8 am to 1:30 pm. It was Megan’s Law Day, which some of the Sheriff’s Officers I work with have lovingly dubbed “Pervert’s Day”. Long and short of it, it’s a day where we have hearings to determine the extent to which a community should be informed that a sexual offender is in their midst. Alarming really. Because of this, I will never let a child of mine (or under my care) go to the loo by him/herself ever until the age of 14 yrs old. One defendant of mine liked to hang out in the loo of Chuch E. Cheese’s to hear 7-9 year old boys pee and wank himself off. And no, I am not making this up. Lovely, isn’t it?

Then I went home early to pack. That is my day. Still is. Now I have to be off and help the hubs dismantle the bed. Ta.


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