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At work writing a memo. *Yawn* My judge asked me…

30 April 2003

At work writing a memo. *Yawn* My judge asked me to write a fairly lengthy memo and specifically requested that I make it as long as possible. While I like writing, I don’t want to be told to write. Of course, writing and researching memos is part of my job, but it’s just a big pain to consolidate all these different cases…summarize them…then compare to your own…argh. It’s especially difficult when the cases you are reading are like, 20-plus pages long and are really old. It’s just very tedious and I am very tired. Man…I’d love an iced coffee right now. Plus it doesn’t help that’s still 70-degrees out and sunny. Oh well.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. Actually, tomorrow is promising too, because the family is going out for a birthday dinner in honor of Mark’s mom. Then we are having a family party on Friday; then I go to a BBQ on Saturday, and then I get to watch X-Men 2 on Sunday! Whoo-hoo!! And of course, by then, this memo would be done…


I can’t stop watching HGTV.

25 April 2003

I can’t stop watching HGTV.


Inspired by Easter Sunday, I am trying to make new…

23 April 2003

Inspired by Easter Sunday, I am trying to make new changes in my life. Sort of like a second chance to catch up on New Year’s resolutions. Mainly, I’m trying to eat better. I got this new cookbook/diet plan that focuses on low-carb eating. It’s pretty good because it promotes great eating and shows you how to make meal choices. This one does not say you can’t eat carbs at all, but tailors it to your diet. Of course, this is stuff that everyone knows already…eating right, blah, blah, blah…but it did make me realize that I was eating waaay too much food a day. I consume about 2,500-3,000 calories a day (sometimes more if I eat out and go for drinks), and I should only be eating like 1,500 at that! Ha…no wonder I’m a flabby mess. But it’s not all for aesthetic reasons either… I seriously do want to develop better eating habits because I’d like to be healthy when I get older. I’m also going to the gym again. Maybe by the time my birthday hits, I’ll have Jennifer Aniston arms…

I’m also trying to curb my road rage and not be so snippy to people. It’s just that I like efficiency. I hate people who are slow in driving and slow to pick up on stuff at work. I mean, instead of asking me when something is scheduled…heck, look the damn thing up! Okay…I’m already being snippy. But the point is, I’m trying to be more patient.

I’m so happy I’m be getting a break and going to Miami soon! May 14th! The Mad Woman and company are going to have so much fun. I should go shopping soon and get some cool holiday outfits. All I know is, I’m bringing a stack of books with me and doing lots of snorkeling….can’t wait.


Taking a cue from my friend Trish’s blog… I am a…

17 April 2003

Taking a cue from my friend Trish’s blog… I am answering the following questions from the Friday Fives for April 11, 2003.

1. What was the first band you saw in concert? Okay, don’t laugh…I believe the first band I saw in concert was either The Jets or Menudo. No joke. The Jets –as in the group from the 80’s who I believe were Samoan. Their claim to fame song was “I’ve Got a Crush on You.” And Menudo…I don’t need to describe them, do I? Let’s just say Ricky Martin when he was 12. But it wasn’t my fault! I swear! I was like, 9 perhaps? And my mom took me because she was being nice…that’s it.

2. Who is your favorite artist/band now? Ooh…this is a hard one. My favorite band of all time has got to be The Cure. I got into them at around the end of 8th grade, circa end of 1990 or 1991. Headed by lead singer, song-writer, and guitarist extrodinaire Robert Smith, The Cure has been around since the late 1970’s and has produced some of the world’s best songs (in my opinion). They defy musical classification…most people would say they are a goth-band…but I would loosely put them under “alternative rock.” In any case, perhaps you would know them as that band who sang the pop hit “Friday I’m in Love.” But please, they have waaay better songs than that…

Right now though, I also have a bunch of favorite artists…some I can think of, off the top of my head are: Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kweli…I also like them separately); Wu-Tang Clan; Oasis; The Smiths; Eminem; 50 Cent; Missy Elliot; Shakira; Lauryn Hill, and more.

3. What’s your favorite song? Whoa…too many to mention here. But here’s a handful: ’93 Til Infinity (Souls of Mischief); Respiration (Black Star); Work It (Missy); Just Like Heaven (The Cure); any song from the Disintegration album (The Cure); Suerte (Shakira); Cry Me a River (Justin); that new song by Jay-Z with Punjabi MC, Touch Me Tease Me (Case feat. Foxy Brown)…and many more.

4. If you could play any instrument, what would it be? Most definitely the guitar. I used to be really good at it. Now, I can’t do a thing!

5. If you could meet any musical icon (past or present), who would it be and why? Robert Smith!!! Cuz he’s the coolest! He’s a brilliant lyricist and he’s just fab! Though I wouldn’t mind meeting Eminem, Madonna, Sting, Shakira, and many others…


So I had an interview with Legal Aid yesterday. A…

16 April 2003

So I had an interview with Legal Aid yesterday. As some folks may know, I’ve wanted to work at this place since I started law school, basically. Legal Aid is based in New York City and provides legal services to the indigent –blokes who can’t afford to hire an attorney. So yes, I will be representing all sorts of folks –from kids who just happened to have run with the wrong crowd – to folks who have done very bad things such as armed robbery, rape, even murder.

I’ve always tried to explain to people why I want to be a criminal defense attorney, and a state-paid one at that. It’s partly because I feel that it is part of an attorney’s duty to serve the public. I believe all lawyers should take it upon themselves to do pro bono cases (cases for free). The other reason is because I feel I’ve been very lucky in life. I have generous parents who worked hard to provide for me, a wonderful husband who’s very patient… I went to good schools, have a network of good friends…all that stuff combined makes for one very comfortable life. And no, contrary to what some people may think, I’m not spoiled, and I do know how to work hard. My family and I have had our share of hardships…especially when we first moved to the U.S. But the point is, we have overcome these hurdles.

I want to be a public defender because a lot of people have not overcome their hurdles. A lot of people do not have a great family or good friends to help them out. A lot of people feel stuck in a rut and have no one to support them. As one attorney said to me, some people have never had anyone stand up for them. I think the very least I can do is to try to help out others by standing up for them, plain and simple.

So I hope I get the job offer. I’m pretty scared. However, wanting the job and doing the job are two, very separate things. But you don’t know until you’re actually doing it. So I hope I get the job, and I hope that I like the job. I can go on and on about wanting to be a criminal defense attorney, but I won’t know if it’s truly “my calling” until I’m knee-deep in it. Yes, I’m being very pragmatic about it all….in any case, wish me luck.


My blog is a way for me to get myself to write…t…

10 April 2003

My blog is a way for me to get myself to write…think of it as writing exercises. My friend Sol told me yesterday that people shouldn’t post things unless you have something to say. I told her I disagree because while yes, a blog is public domain, a blog is something you personalize –whether you write it journal-style, or write a food log, or write about politics..whatever. The point, it’s your blog and you can write whatever you want (as long as you are prepared to face the consequences). So this is my outlet to write. As some people may know, I’ve been an aspiring writer since the day I learned to read (3 years old according to my mom, but I’m guesstimating 4 years old). I used to write tons of stories when I was younger..make little “books” for my mom from notebook paper folded in half complete with illustrations and the like. Then tons more in high school, but barely any in college. Basically, I just stopped writing primarily because I was intimated by tons of other blokes in college. That and the fact that I’m lazy. I’ve been working on one idea for a novel for quite some time now, and you’d think I’d have more than 2 chapters! But I’m getting my act together…I swear it! My goal right now is to have an actual manuscript by January 2004. So I have about a year to get down to it.


I took this quiz to find out which of Henry VIII’s…

9 April 2003

I took this quiz to find out which of Henry VIII’s wives I am most like…the result was pretty interesting. So me!

Which of Henry VIII’s wives are you?

this quiz was made by the proper Victorian ladies at Spookbot