Early morning and I need a cup of coffee. A latte…

5 April 2003

Early morning and I need a cup of coffee. A latte would be good right now. Yesterday, I bought a book on painting your house. Interesting. This whole house thing is a bit weird. It’s not so much as the logistics of owning a home that I really fancy. For me, it’s envisioning what it will look like after painting, decorating, and renovating. I’ve been a big fan of the game, The Sims. It’s partly because when I was younger, I’ve always wanted a dollhouse but never got one. The Sims to me, is like an inter-active dollhouse where you can design the home, the furniture, and the people you play with.

So with the real house now, I’m more into the decorating fun that comes with it. It’s exactly the same feeling that I would feel about decorating a flat or a room, not so much about ownership as some people like to emphasize. To me, I could be happy renting a nice flat in NYC and live there forever. You have the option of moving anytime and not be tethered by trying to sell it, fix it if something’s wrong, or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea that we know have a home to call our own and start a family with. But I’m saying that it’s not the most important thing to me to have an actual, physicial house to own. I’m not interested in owning lots of land or acreage or whatever. As long as there’s some type of backyard where I can have a BBQ, it’s fine.

You don’t need a house to have a home, as some people would point out. With that said, I look forward to making our to-be home really fabulous! Ta!


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