My blog is a way for me to get myself to write…t…

10 April 2003

My blog is a way for me to get myself to write…think of it as writing exercises. My friend Sol told me yesterday that people shouldn’t post things unless you have something to say. I told her I disagree because while yes, a blog is public domain, a blog is something you personalize –whether you write it journal-style, or write a food log, or write about politics..whatever. The point, it’s your blog and you can write whatever you want (as long as you are prepared to face the consequences). So this is my outlet to write. As some people may know, I’ve been an aspiring writer since the day I learned to read (3 years old according to my mom, but I’m guesstimating 4 years old). I used to write tons of stories when I was younger..make little “books” for my mom from notebook paper folded in half complete with illustrations and the like. Then tons more in high school, but barely any in college. Basically, I just stopped writing primarily because I was intimated by tons of other blokes in college. That and the fact that I’m lazy. I’ve been working on one idea for a novel for quite some time now, and you’d think I’d have more than 2 chapters! But I’m getting my act together…I swear it! My goal right now is to have an actual manuscript by January 2004. So I have about a year to get down to it.


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