Happy 1-Year Anniversary to my friends Trish & Rol…

2 May 2003

Happy 1-Year Anniversary to my friends Trish & Rol! This is a reminder about our own upcoming 2-Year Anniversary. The hubs and I are going to Miami for a weekend retreat. Yes, so I get to go to Miami twice. In any case, I just feel very blessed to have Mark in my life. He’s very patient, supportive, tolerant of my crazy antics (like impulsive shopping, my obsession with purses, my appalling eating habits to name a few), he’s very sweet, well-mannered, funny, intelligent, and he’s just an all-around nice guy. He’s my bestest friend ever! A lot of people ask how long we “went out” before getting engaged. Quite honestly, I’m not entirely sure though I am estimating about almost 2 years.

It’s funny though because when I first met him, I thought he was pompous, arrogant, too self-assured, and a bit snobby. We just stayed friends at that point. But then one day, it sort of just happened that I fell for him. Weird. In any case, I knew he was “the one” after the third month of dating. I was never the type of girl who fantasized about my dream wedding, nor even thought about my wedding dress and all that fun stuff. Quite frankly, I wanted to shock my parents and just say “well I don’t really want to get married.” Granted, I always had a steady boyfriend in one way or the other (I was never really a “dater”), but I never closely looked at the idea of getting married at all. But after month 3 of my relationship with Mark, I suddenly thought about what it would be like to be with this bloke for life. And you know what, I liked the idea and looked forward to it. We just clicked. It was like I knew him forever. Always a good sign.

Getting married vs. being married. A lot of my friends also ask me about what it’s like to be married. I always get this comment from my single friends: “you don’t act like you’re married.” I think most people say that because their view of marriage or experience with marriage is based on their parents’ own marriages or older people’s marriages. Well, I’m much younger than my parents, and certainly not a parent yet. As such, we are not in that level yet of having multiple responsibilities of being a parent, juggling a job, etc. (This is not to say that I don’t have job worries, etc…I’m just on a lower level than they are). So I act pretty much like I’ve been acting before I got married –I go out with my friends sans the hubs, I do what I like to do (my hobbies, etc.), and I find time to be me. The only thing that has changed really is that now, I have to consider Mark’s schedule, try to be with him and his family more, worry more about finances and the like, and just simply put a different perspective on my life in conjunction to his and our family’s life as a whole. It also helps that Mark and I get along really well. We hardly ever bicker or fight. This was true even before we got married. So I’m lucky that I still feel like we’re in the “honeymoon phase” of our marriage. Like I said, I feel blessed.


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