My friend Sol said to me last night “you don’t go …

6 May 2003

My friend Sol said to me last night “you don’t go out much huh?” This is coming from a gal who goes out at least 3 times a week for salsa-dancing and all that jazz. I told her no, I don’t go out much at all. I took a slight offense. Why? Should I go out all the time?

As much as I’d like to go out more, I really only have fun if a bunch of my other friends are there, or if it’s someone’s party, or if it’s a bunch of us having dinner & drinks…that sort of thing. Yes I’d like to go dancing, have drinks, and stay out late, but I’m fine with doing that on the weekends only. Plus, I’m not single and I don’t have to go out a lot unlike some of my other friends who go out for a purpose (e.g., meeting someone new, or getting to know a new guy/gal, etc.).

This is not to say that just because I’m married doesn’t mean I’m precluded from going out. Nor does it mean I don’t have fun if I do stay home. All I’m saying is that just because I stay home more than I go out, doesn’t mean I don’t go out at all. I go out to dinner & explore new restaurants, go to movies (I’m a movie-buff), go shopping, and go see friends. It’s a fine balance.


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