CT Day Trip. Went to my friends Girlie and Luke’s…

11 June 2003

CT Day Trip. Went to my friends Girlie and Luke’s Seymour, CT abode this past saturday. It was G’s belated b-day celebration and she invited a few folks over. The trip in and of itself was quite neat. I felt like I was going awaaay for the weekend. It took us about an hour and half to get there starting from Fort Lee, NJ (give or take a few). We would’ve gotten there earlier had it not been pouring! On the way there, my stomach and Trish’s stomach were in a growl-fest cuz we were so hungry!!

G, as usual, laid out a great feast!! Que rico! Shrimp-kabobs, ribs, veggie spring rolls, chicken relleno, and amazing drinks!! She made mojitos and sangrias and they were fab!! One of her friends also brought over a layered dessert –Death by Chocolate…I don’t think I need to say more! We left at 4:30 pm because we had plans to attend a memorial mass for one of our friends that started at 6:30 pm in the Lower East Side. But I had loads of fun. G’s house was soo nice with sprawling land. We’re talking wooded backyard here. The house suited them perfectly. It was very cool.

Friday, I may visit the home of another friend..mad woman Sol. So maybe it’ll be a mad women reunion…


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