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Random Updates: 1. Today is my last day here a…

29 August 2003

Random Updates:

1. Today is my last day here at my job as a Law Clerk (Bergen County Superior Court). So sad. I’ve met some really wonderful people along the way and made some really good friends. This clerkship was a bit like an extension of law school –but without the studying. Not only did I have a lot fun, but I’ve gained excellent experience. I miss definitely miss my fellow clerks.

2. Prosecution 101: Well I was supposed to start my new job as an Asst. Prosecutor on Sept 2. They are still doing my background check and there is no definitive date as to when that will be finished. As per the rules, I cannot start unless I am cleared –so they told me I may tentatively start on Sept 15 (barring any unforseen events). I’m a bit worried though…I have not even signed any papers (e.g., W-2’s, benefit forms and the like)…

3. Unexpected Holiday! So since I will not be starting my job anytime soon, my mum has booked me on an impromptu trip to Hong Kong! How fabulous! My cousin Ryan is getting married on Sept 7 and I had not planned to go, but since I will be on holiday anyway, I decided to accompany my mum! I am looking forward to seeing all my aunts and cousins!! So excited!

4. Labor Day Labors: For this weekend, I believe the hubs and I will be doing actual manual labor. Yes, back to the grind of getting the house organized. We’ve been there for nearly a week now and we have yet to start unpacking. This weekend, we will be finishing the living room, perhaps the bathroom, sort out our clothing, and make really good head-way into settling in.

5. I’m off for drinks! Ta!


It’s nice to hear from old friends. I recently go…

22 August 2003

It’s nice to hear from old friends. I recently got an e-mail from an old friend I met in college. He had moved to Hawaii and we lost touch. But recently, he dropped me a line to say hi and how “impressed” he was with what I’ve accomplished. (Apparently, he found our markkat website.) I was touched by his kind words. Really, I was amazed by his perspective on my life and of how he looked up to me and thought I was always “on top of things.” I put these words/phrases in quotes because I really don’t see my life as if I’ve accomplished anything major. Right now, I don’t think I’m hardly anyone to be looked up to. I’m certainly insecure in many ways (e.g., I feel like I have not started a career and my other friends have; I’m still not financially independent as much as I would like to be; etc.) We are all still growing in that we still learn, continue to forge ahead and find our own paths, try different things, learn from old experiences. But it’s always nice to know that there is a bigger picture out there. The way other people view us is sometimes completely different from what we usually think of our own self. This different perspective is what helps us be down-to-earth, be inspired, be more aware of other people’s feelings, be more faithful to our beliefs, be daring, and just be “more” in general. Wow…to think I got this from one little e-mail.


There goes my dream of being a pro-surfer! So the…

19 August 2003

There goes my dream of being a pro-surfer! So the hubs and I went down to the Jersey shore this past Sunday to Tuesday afternoon. This is my second time ever to go down the shore. We stayed at the Sheraton in Atlantic City, and went to the beach in Ocean City (about 25 mins away) to try surfing. Ocean City is a picturesque, family-oriented sea-side town. We went there because the 7th Street Surf Shop offers surf lessons. Since I’m on a bad-luck streak (see previous blog), it turns out that the surfing lessons offered by the 7th Street Surf Shop were fully booked –almost always. They have a 9 am and a 12 pm lesson each day. Luckily, someone cancelled on the 12 noon lesson on Monday and I was able to squeeze in. But not the hubs. Anyway, learning to surf is a bitch, I must say. First of all, they give you a HUGE foam surf board to use with your lesson. We’re talking twice your height (so I had about a 10-footer) and while it’s made out of foam, it’s not the lightest thing in the world. I got hit on my face with a flying surf board, and then got hit again on the top of my head with my bloody surf board!! Secondly, the water is cold, about 65 degrees. Your body will get used to it, but I was wearing a wetsuit similar to a sausage casing. For me, the hardest part is trying to get up. You really, really need to practice. Balancing on it is not that hard once you’re up -you’ll get the hang of it, no doubt. But just trying to stand on the bloody thing in the first place as you’re timing it with the wave is very intricate. I did ride out a couple of waves, nothing spectacular though. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking in expecting I’d be fabulous on it within an hour of learning. One plus, the surfing instructors were hotties! I will definitely invest more time in learning. Too bad this summer is shot. With the house thing (being busy w/ home improvements, still moving, etc.), coupled with the fact that the beach is at least 1.5 hours away, I won’t have enough time to fully immerse myself in it.

All in all, it was a good break for the hubs and I. We needed a break from the stress. Tomorrow, I’ll be dealing with the floor people again and try to negotiate repairs. If all goes well, I believe we’ll be sleeping in our house this coming Saturday. We still have a LOT to do.


My faith in humanity has been destroyed. Thanks t…

16 August 2003

My faith in humanity has been destroyed. Thanks to a company called George Palumbo & Sons, Inc. I hired them to do my floors (basically, just sand and coat w/ polyurethane) and they just plained ruined it! It’s such shoddy craftsmanship that I would be appalled if my name was associated with it. But apparently, they don’t care and keep saying that they are not responsible for the condition of the wood; there are dry spots that won’t take the poly; etc…etc…Long story short: If they don’t fix it, I will sue. Regardless, I hate them because they refuse to listen to me (and I don’t yell on the phone or anything); they won’t even let me finish a sentence and already they’re jumping down my throat; obviously, their customer service sucks; and I don’t even know if I can trust them to fix the problem (especially since they did such a shoddy job to begin with)! I feel so small, suckered, and very disappointed. And hey, I’m a bleeding heart liberal –it takes a lot for me to feel like my faith has been crushed because I always try to see things in a pro-defendant-ish, objective point of view. Sheesh. Can you tell I’m really peeved?

Random Things (Since I can’t stay on long and write clearly):

1. Crazy blackout. Hope everyone is okay! My poor bro had to walk home (for 5 hrs!) from mid-town to Queens! But otherwise, we should all just deal with it, cope, and be thoughtful of one another.

2. Still have not been to the gym.

3. We moved in our stuff to our house. I believe we may start sleeping there tomorrow! (Update: we still haven’t started sleeping there yet).

4. Haven’t been on-line since Monday!

5. George Palumo & Sons, Inc. SUCKS.

6. I am missing peoples’ BBQs, pool parties, family get-togethers and the like! Sorry! Believe me, I’d rather be chilling with you than sanding down a bathroom in 90-degree weather and getting dried glue dust in my eyes and mouth. (And yes, I am wearing protective gear).

7. I missed the PRADA sample sale!!

8. I am finally going surfing this Monday!!


Not in the mood to write. Nothing’s really going …

6 August 2003

Not in the mood to write. Nothing’s really going on. Still working on the house, still at work, still have not moved in. Last weekend, the hubs stripped paint of the banister and I ripped out all the moldings from the rooms in preparation for the floor sanding. I know, exciting! Did take a breather though and saw Bad Boys II. It was wholly entertaining. Will Smith has hot, Martin Lawrence was funny, and Gabrielle Union was spicy. I enjoyed it even though it was slightly over the top.

That’s about it.

Random Things:

1) I have not been to the gym in 2 whole weeks. If I don’t go this week, this will make it Week 3.

2) I bought more books from Amazon despite my “determination” not to.

3) A detective has been calling me this whole week about my background check. She’s annoying me only because she’s so repetitive and a bit gung-ho about her job. Excerpt from our conversation:

Her: I need a copy of your birth certificate.

Me: Okay, but I’ll have to fax it to you tomorrow. I don’t have a fax machine at the moment.

Her: Why? Aren’t you going to work tomorrow?

Me: Yes, I’ll be at work this whole week.

Her: Well, you can just fax it to me from work, right?

Me: Yes, I said I’ll fax it to you tomorrow.

Her: I don’t understand your problem. Why can’t you just fax it to me tomorrow?

Me (in my head): Didn’t I just fucking say that?!?!

4) I went to see the Manchester United v. Juventus game…and I loved it!! Let me just say, all the brits, irishmen, italians and other europeans all came out complete with their accents! And I liked the game too! Go Manchester! I lurve footbal!