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Out and About! So this past week, I went "out" a …

29 September 2003

Out and About! So this past week, I went “out” a total of 3 times! That is a new record for me, especially since I’m broke and a bit on the home-body side. Last Saturday, I went to a friend’s party at Angel Bar. Then Wednesday, I went out with the girls (sans Sol) –we went to a Comedy Central show taping (starring that Vietnamese comedian Dat Phan), then to Olive Garden, and then to Bob’s for some drinks and dancing. Finally, I went to a friend’s party on Friday at Trust Lounge with the girls (again, sans Sol). I had a lot of fun! Going out for dancing is always fun….

My fur is the best fur…Chinchilla! Okay, I’m officially obsessed with chinchillas!! NO! Not with their fur…but with the actual animal itself! The hubs and I went to a pet store this past Saturday just to look around (it was right next to Home Depot, so no, we didn’t purposely go there). We saw this cute little guy in a glass cage taking a nap. It was a chinchilla! I’ve never seen one before and never knew they looked kinda like a cross between a hamster and a rabbit (without the big ears). He looked like a sleeping little ball of fur. Aw!

The next day, we decided to look up chinchillas on the internet…I was pleasantly surprised to learn so many things about them. The chinchilla is a rodent that originated in Chile from high in the Andean Mountains and was highly prized for its fabulous fur (to the point that they almost became extinct! Ugh…it’s so depressing to realize that these are the same little guys they make fur coats/jackets out of! No wonder those cotas are so expensive…you need like at least 30 of them to make a sleeve!! Fortunately, I have never had a desire to own a fur antyhing…).

Chinchillas make great pets (especially for people who are allergic to cats and dogs; for people who are busy; etc.). Their maintenance costs run about $2.00 a month, and they are similar to cats and dogs in certain ways: you can train them to respond to their name, use a “litter box” like a cat, do tricks, and they have a lifespan of about 12-15 years!! I’m so excited! I have found my pet! I’m learning more about them and will probably get a book. I have found a breeder near me also, so I think it’s meant to be! I just have to read a litte bit more about them. In about a month’s time, I’ll be a proud owner of a chinchilla pet!


Did anyone else think that "My Big Fat Greek Weddi…

25 September 2003

Did anyone else think that “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” sucked? I’m a film buff. I love watching all kinds of movies. I love indies, foreign flicks, action movies, big-blockbuster commercial movies, dramas, and mostly everything in between. At the bottom of my fave list are the romantic comedies and romantic “dramedies.” [This is not to say that I don’t watch romatic stuff –I personally loved “NOtting Hill” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral”.] I guess “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” falls in the “romantic comedy” section. I don’t know. I just thought it was trite and on the conry side. I can see it’s mass appeal though, but really, so not living up to it’s hype. When I finally saw it (like 6 months after everyone has), I was like “eh.” It’s on TV right now, which is why I’m writing about it…I have nothign better to do.


Frustrations…Ruminations…Argh! Okay, this is t…

21 September 2003

Frustrations…Ruminations…Argh! Okay, this is the 3rd freaking time I have tried to write about my trip to Hong Kong and blogger keeps screwing up!! I’m a bit peeved to say the least, so here’s my nutshell version (especially since my epic of a description got lost!): went there, came back on 9/11, had fun, hung out with my crazy cousins! I’ve been there loads of times before as a kid, but this is the first time I’ve been there as an adult. It was very interesting. Went to some cool spots for clubbing and you would never think that you were in HK b/c it looks just like an NYC hot spot, including the people (so diverse…Europeans, Asians, Americans, etc.). Had a fabulous time. There. Of course, there’s lots more I would’ve liked to say, but heck, you’ll just have to talk to me about it!

Occupational Hazards: So I was told that my background check is still NOT completed. I still don’t know if I was approved, and even if I was, I still don’t know when my starting date is. What I do know is that if I am approved, I still have to get a physical (yes, a physical) first, and then I’ll finally get a start date. I really don’t mind that I’m not working (after all, I’ll be working for the rest of my life). What I do mind is the fact that I’m in limbo: am I approved or not? Also, I mind that I have no money! Argh…. More later.


It’s been a bloody hell of a day! Well, the morni…

4 September 2003

It’s been a bloody hell of a day! Well, the morning started off fine. I had some tasks to do before I left the house and I completed them: took off tape from walls; cleaned up a bit; took care of the garbage; & packed my suitcase. I left the house at 12:30 pm and then decided to treat myself to a nice lunch. I went to Toraya, this Japanese teahouse (previously mentioned sometime in my July blog) that Girlie frequents. After that, I planned on picking up my passport from the Philippine Consulate. Well I tried to park somewhere on the Upper East Side –to no avail. I found myself driving all the way down to Madison and 47th. I saw the Muni-Meter parking and put in $2 for 1-hour parking. Then I walked to the embassay at approximately 3:00 pm; picked up my passport with no hitch; then walked back to my car.

Given the boot! Lo and behold –some crazy asshole officer put a fucking boot on my car!!! Well I was cursing up a storm as I read the notice. Apparently, it’s only “Commercial Vehicle Metered Vehicle Parking” only. My car is not commerical. So in order to remove the boot, I had to pay a whopping $185!! I had to go to 38th and 12th (where the NYC Parking Violations Dept. was located) within 2 hours of the boot; pay the darn thing; go back to my car; and then wait almost two hours for the stupid people to take it off. I got the boot at 3:13 pm (it said so on the notice); I paid by 4 pm and got back at 4:30 pm; but they didn’t come to take it off until close to 6 pm. I was in a bad mood to say the least. When I got home to Queens, I was short with everyone (including my poor parents who didn’t do anything) and didn’t calm down until 8:30 or so….

*Sigh* Well at least I can look forward to going on a holiday tomorrow. I leave for Hong Kong at around 2 pm. I just hope I don’t get stuck sitting next to some smelly-ass person or near a crying baby and/or kicking-the-back-of-your-seat kid. I will be on that plane for a good 14 hours or so! Oh…and I hope my dress is okay for the wedding. Since my cousin found out I was coming, he made me a reader at his wedding. Their color theme is lilac and I scoured the mall for a lilac dress. I bought one at bloomies –strapless paisley dress in lilac colors by Shoshanna. [It’s the dress under “2003 Fall Preview”, Page 2, lower left corner…and I plan on returning it by the way!] I could tell my mom didn’t quite like it because she said “didn’t you have a dress you wore for your senior formal that you could use for the wedding?” She’s just concerned that it’s not a full-on gown, nor is it a solid lilac color. Oh well. Try finding a lilac gown when the fall season collection’s already out…

Man, I’m still pissed I had to shell out $185 for the fucking boot….Shite!