Out and About! So this past week, I went "out" a …

29 September 2003

Out and About! So this past week, I went “out” a total of 3 times! That is a new record for me, especially since I’m broke and a bit on the home-body side. Last Saturday, I went to a friend’s party at Angel Bar. Then Wednesday, I went out with the girls (sans Sol) –we went to a Comedy Central show taping (starring that Vietnamese comedian Dat Phan), then to Olive Garden, and then to Bob’s for some drinks and dancing. Finally, I went to a friend’s party on Friday at Trust Lounge with the girls (again, sans Sol). I had a lot of fun! Going out for dancing is always fun….

My fur is the best fur…Chinchilla! Okay, I’m officially obsessed with chinchillas!! NO! Not with their fur…but with the actual animal itself! The hubs and I went to a pet store this past Saturday just to look around (it was right next to Home Depot, so no, we didn’t purposely go there). We saw this cute little guy in a glass cage taking a nap. It was a chinchilla! I’ve never seen one before and never knew they looked kinda like a cross between a hamster and a rabbit (without the big ears). He looked like a sleeping little ball of fur. Aw!

The next day, we decided to look up chinchillas on the internet…I was pleasantly surprised to learn so many things about them. The chinchilla is a rodent that originated in Chile from high in the Andean Mountains and was highly prized for its fabulous fur (to the point that they almost became extinct! Ugh…it’s so depressing to realize that these are the same little guys they make fur coats/jackets out of! No wonder those cotas are so expensive…you need like at least 30 of them to make a sleeve!! Fortunately, I have never had a desire to own a fur antyhing…).

Chinchillas make great pets (especially for people who are allergic to cats and dogs; for people who are busy; etc.). Their maintenance costs run about $2.00 a month, and they are similar to cats and dogs in certain ways: you can train them to respond to their name, use a “litter box” like a cat, do tricks, and they have a lifespan of about 12-15 years!! I’m so excited! I have found my pet! I’m learning more about them and will probably get a book. I have found a breeder near me also, so I think it’s meant to be! I just have to read a litte bit more about them. In about a month’s time, I’ll be a proud owner of a chinchilla pet!


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