Post Thanksgiving Day Musings. Another Thanksgivi…

30 November 2003

Post Thanksgiving Day Musings. Another Thanksgiving day come and gone. I think that Thanksgiving has different meanings for a lot of people. Historically (and generally speaking), it’s a day to celebrate how the Pilgrims survived in the colonies (with the help of the Native Americans). But in reality, the Native Americans were eventually betrayed as the New Worlds began to develop. Nowadays, people sort of look at Thanksgiving as a day to be “thankful for what you have.” (Although I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and know that they are probably already thankful for their blessings on a daily basis).

Sometimes, I do think holiday gatherings are contrived in the sense that people are obligated to spend time with family and friends when sometimes in their hearts, they’re just not feeling it. Nevertheless, I don’t think people have lost sight of what certain days should mean. So during the holidays, people grin and bear the burden of the prepations, the commerciality, and the materialism involved in such holidays. In any case, I think it’s important to spend the holidays in a way that you feel comfortable with. So this is how I spent my Thanksgiving weekend:

Wednesday: we got to leave work early at 3:30 pm. Ah, the perks of government. The hubs and I watched Lord of the Rings: Fellowship, that night.

Thursday: We went to Queens to spend Thanksgiving lunch with my family. My cousin Gian was visiting from Illinois. He’s on his last semester at SIU (on a tennis scholarship) and drove down (a whopping 16 hours) to NYC with 2 of his girlfriends who were very nice. My Tita Baby, Tito Manu, and cousin Nitin were also there –which is good because we hardly ever see them despite them living in Edison, NJ. Great food. Then we drove back to NJ to Mark’s aunt’s house in Leonia for dinner with his side of the family. Great food once again. (But surprise, for the first time in years, I didn’t eat too much!) We played Mario Kart Double Dash all night there. I also met Jack, Mark’s newborn, 2-month old nephew. He was so round and little! Then everyone started to “hint” that maybe it should be our turn. Really, I’m very eager to start a family. My only thought at this point is that I just started my job, and would like to be there at least a year and change before I go off for maternity leave. Otherwise, I would certainly go for it right now.

Friday: Cleaned up, did chores, did nothing special. That night though, we watched LOTR: Two Towers!! I must say, I remember a lot of the lines by heart, and it’s only the 3rd time I’ve watched it. I also watched a lot of the special features…yes I know, I’m a geek…

Saturday and Sunday: More chores and cleaning up. This house thing sure does suck. There’s so much to clean up still. I wish we had a nice, brand-new, spacious home. (Actually, for the price of the home, we could get a really nice, big, new-ish home deeper into the suburbs of NJ.) But I like Fort Lee and wanted to be in an area where I could be near the city and public transportation. So instead, we have a fixer-upper that we have to fix ourselves. I like our house, but I just want to fast-forward to where everything is in its’ place and we have done the renovations that we want. Like replacing all the windows, the kitchen remodeling, and the second floor expansion. It takes a lot of time to make your house into a home. On the bright side, our living room looks halfway decent.

Holiday Gripes. I think my next blog will be a list of pet-peeves during the holidays. But I gotta sign off. There’s raking to be done.


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