I’m watching LOTR: Return of the King tonight!!! Y…

18 December 2003

I’m watching LOTR: Return of the King tonight!!! YEAH!!! I would’ve totally taken the day off yesterday and watched it, but I was in Trenton from Tuesday to Wednesday for work-related training. And then last night, I had dinner with some friends so I couldn’t go either. Plus, I wanted to watch it with the hubs. But in any case, I’ll be watching it tonight! Can’t wait!

Tuesday night after training, I went to visit the hubs for the first time in Delaware. From Trenton, it was only about an hour drive. So I finally saw the little studio he lives in (it was very posh by the way), and the great city of Wilmington. It was kinda like an extension of New Jersey. Very non-city, kinda like a sprawling suburban community, very similar to places like Cali, too. But it was nice to see the hubs! I stayed over and went back to Trenton in the morning.

Things I Can’t Do. One of the topics we covered in training yesterday was Ethics. Man, we can’t do a lot of things. One major thing is that I can’t give legal advice/help or do any outside law-related job –this of course I knew already since this was the case as well when I was clerking. But most people don’t get that. They just assume that just because I’m a lawyer, I can give advice period. The funny part is that the night before the Ethics lecture, my friend Sol called to ask about landlord-tenant law. I was like, well I can’t personally tell you anything, but call my other friend who works in real estate. That’s the extent of what I can do. I can, however, handle legal stuff for my immediate family only (e.g., wills, taxes, contracts, etc.). But if it gets slightly complicated, I have to advise the office about it. I also can’t disclose a lot of things. Which is why I’m going to be dismantling my work blog. Although I haven’t mentioned things that are confidential, I don’t want to get in trouble just in case. I guess I’ll be posting job-stories here.

Who’s on First. Over dinner on Tuesday night, the hubs told me that it was my “fault” that we bought the house and that if it were up to him, we wouldn’t have bought it right away. He said he would’ve like to wait more. He said we do a lot of things because of my initiations. All I can say is, “whatever!” If it were up to me (like he said it was), we would a: not be living in a house yet, and b: be living in an apartment in NYC. Period. With that said, I also want to point out that a: I like that we have a house despite the fact that it is a lot of responsibility and that I feel overwhelmed, and b: I like where we are living. My neighborhood is cute, and it’s near the city that I can be in downtown NYC in less than half an hour. [And yes, I am so over the NJ/NY thing. It just irks me when people bring it up (e.g, Oh, they’re from NJ, as if it’s an adjective.) and have pre-conceived notions about NJ when in fact they haven’t bothered to explore it. I guess most people think of NJ as the “Turnpike State” with all the highways, etc. But on the contrary, NJ has a lot of beautiful, lush neighborhoods, diversity, and everything else every other state has.] Anyway, my point is that I just want to clarify that it was NOT my initiation that we buy a house right away. We talked about it, we got a realtor (a friend of the family), we just started to look, and then it happened. Perhaps in restrospect we both thought that’s what the other wanted at that time, and we just went along with the flow, but things happen for a reason, as I always like to say. I mean in the long run, I’m sure we won’t care whose idea it was in the first place to buy a house. It was going to happen anyway in some way, shape or form. But I just don’t like the fact that he put the burden of responsibility on me, so to speak, by telling me it was my idea. Oh well.



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