RING IN THE NEW YEAR! These past few days have be…

31 December 2003

RING IN THE NEW YEAR! These past few days have been packed with activities for the most part. For Christmas Eve, we went to both families to celebrate. So there was eating and drinking and present-opening at the hubs’ home, and then we went to Queens for more gift-opening and gambling. Yes, you read that right –gambling. It’s funny because if you read my blog from Dec. 24th, I was reminiscing about Christmas in the Philippines. Well, it was a lot like that in Queens this year. Noise, relatives, my mom and cousin acted as MC to distribute the gifts, and there was gambling! We played Red Dog (basically, you are handed 2 cards and you hope that the 3rd card you get falls within the range of the 2 previous cards. It’s a game of high vs. low in a nutshell. Much fun!).

Dec. 27th: went to my aunt’s house in Edison, NJ to have another party. Lots of food again. I just have to add, that my aunt’s house is beautiful and HUGE. I mean, our house now can fit in their basement with room to spare. And let’s just say that my aunt’s closet alone is bigger than our bedroom.

Dec. 28th: went to the hubs’ cousin’s son’s baptismal. His name is Jack and he’s so cute! I should just call him our nephew because he is. The hubs and Jack’s mom grew up together as cousins, so Jack is a nephew slash second/third cousin? Anyway, he was a sweet little guy and didn’t cry the whole day. He spit up a lot though.

Dec. 30th: went out with the five locas (sans 2 of them). We checked out a new restaurant and it was muy delicioso! Click here to read about our “good time.”

Dec. 31st: okay, tonight is New Year’s Eve. We are going out to dinner to celebrate a friend’s b-day. And this morning, I just received an invite for a house party in Brooklyn that I’m thinking of going to. So who knows what’s up for tonight!

Some musings….Overall, the year has been great and full of good times. I have so many things to be thankful for that I don’t know where to begin. I guess for starters, I’m always very grateful that we are always provided for in terms of food and shelter, comfort and love. And that I know that no matter if we have jobs or not or only a penny to our name, our families and friends will be there for us to support and help us back on our feet. But here’s some of my own personal “highlights”…

1. We closed on a house in July.

2. I was offered (and accepted) a really great job that I honestly can say that I love. I feel extremely lucky to get this since it’s so hard to get it in the first place (I know, I’ve tried in other places as well!)

3. Everyone in our families is safe, healthy, and strong.

4. I got a new car for Christmas! Well technically, it’s a lease and it’s under my dad’s company name. But still…I feel it’s mine!

5. The hubs and I celebrated out 2-year anniversary. We’re now on 2.5 years exactly. And yes, we are thinking of kids very soon. As in by 2005.

6. I’ve learned a lot of things, realized mistakes, and grew up a little at a time. This means I’ve learned to let go, not care too much, start to care, admit defeat, enjoy wins, be more objective, love, love more, enjoy, stop whining, just do it, learned to stay focused, embrace things as they are, and be better all around.



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