Went riding yesterday at Camelback. It was a great…

18 January 2004

Went riding yesterday at Camelback. It was a great day for riding since it just snowed a couple of days before, and it was still nice and fresh. The weather was great too with a high of 30+ degrees so it wasn’t too cold out there. I’m always very wobbly the first few times I ride in the beginning of the season, so I didn’t do anything crazy. This was the first time I’ve been to Camelback –it’s in Tannersville, PA and it was not at all crowded like the other local mountain, Mt. Creek (where I usually go). Plus, it’s only about an hour and fifteen minutes away. Good thing we decided to go yesterday since today’s pretty busted weather-wise. I don’t like riding when it’s really cold out.

What’s going on… Work’s been going well (aside from all the trials I’ve been losing). I just got new responsibilities which I’m looking forward to doing. I’ll be doing Grand Jury presentments and Megan’s Law ‘Failure to Register’ cases. Grand Jury presentments means that I present a case to a panel of folks who decided whether to indict a case or not. The kind of cases I’ll be presenting are Megan’s Law cases which are offenses that fall under Megan’s Law(a law that was enacted to mandate the registration of convicted sexual offenders with their local police departments and/or the internet in order to inform the public that there is a convicted sexual offender in their neighborhood). There’s a point-system involved which will determine the scope of notification (for example, Tier I offenders only have to register with their local PD; Tier III offenders are subject to the internet). What I have to do is to prosecute cases in which the offender failed to register –which is a 4th degree offense (18 months maximum jail time). In a few months or so, I will also start doing lower-grade child abuse cases. I must say, reading and learning about child abuse cases suck. Recently, I had to undergo some training to learn how to interview victims of abuse who are 13 years old and under. We were actually doing mock interviews with actors who re-enacted real-life cases. There was a case of a mom who burned her own child by submerging his hand in boiling water; there’s a case of a grandfather who forced his grandkid to give him fellatio…not to mention other heinous things. It’s bloody awful for everyone involved…


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