Good News and and Not-So-Good News… I just got …

3 February 2004

Good News and and Not-So-Good News…

I just got back from a short holiday to San Diego. All in all, it was a good trip. We stayed at the W over there, and I gotta say, that hotel is sometimes just a bit too uber-trendy even for me. I like that it’s very sleek and modern, but I feel like everyone there is a bit too pretentious. It’s like you’re in a club. Still, I liked it! It was within walking distance from the Gaslamp District –where Daygo’s hotspots and restaurants are and also walking distance from the harbor. Anyway, the following is a cornucopia of updates in no particular order –both good and bad.

The Not-So-Good News…

1) We missed the Super Bowl in its entirety since we were in a plane the whole day. I missed watching Janet’s boob on TV; Homer’s commercials; the neck-and-neck game; and the whole Super Bowl party experience.

2) When I got back to work on Monday, I also found a slew of files on my desk –including “serious” types of cases like child abuse, aggravated assault, and other types of crimes. I don’t mind work, I just don’t like not knowing what to do.

3) We didn’t get to go to Mexico. The hubs’ passport expired so we didn’t venture to Tijuana. But apparently, you don’t need a passport, just an American government-issued ID. Still, we didn’t want to chance it. Especially me with the immigration issues.

4) I spoke to a victim this morning who just lost her home. Her home was burnt down allegedly by her ex-boyfriend who she had a restraining order against. I feel so bad for her and will do everything I can to help her out. She lost mostly everything she had. Imagine being homeless in the span of 3 hours. She doesn’t even have a place to stay or clothes to wear. It’s just so sad and maddening at the same time how people can inflict such pain on other people –and this goes for everyone including myself.

The Good News…

1) I had a great holiday. Ate a lot of good Mexican food, played golf, roamed around, went to the zoo, went to Old Town San Diego. I saw the cutest baby panda in the zoo and I really want one as a pet. Too bad they are considered an endangered species and can never have one as a pet.

2) I saw my friends Karen and Babs! Even though we only hung out for like 2 hours, it was really great to see them again! I wish we can get together more often. I’m trying to get Karen to go to London with me in March.

3) Before I left, I won a trial that was really important to me since the guy had a knack for racking up victims and evading jail time due to technicalities. Well, he’s in jail now and will most likely get deported!

4) When I got back to work on Monday, I also found a slew of files on my desk –including “serious” types of cases like child abuse, aggravated assault, and other types of crimes. Cool! I’m getting new cases…

5) My all-time favorite band, The Cure, just released a CD compilation of all their b-sides called Join the Dots:B-sides and Rarities, 1978-2001. Not only that, they are playing in a Woodstock-like concert called Coachella (unfortunately, in California!!) sometime in May! I am very tempted to go!!

More later….


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