These Thoughts Keep Popping Up in My Head: Pardon …

5 February 2004

These Thoughts Keep Popping Up in My Head: Pardon the typos and ramblings….

1. I really, really, really, really, want to go see The Cure at the Coachella Festival now! Alas…there are just way too many factors involved! One: who the hell would want to come with me? (Well actually, there’s my ex-boyfriend who I can go with who does live in L.A.. But then again, that may just be too weird.) Two: airfare. The concert is in Indio, California which is about 30+ minutes away from Palm Springs and about 2.5+ hours away from Los Angeles. ‘Tis very far. Three: Hotel & Car costs. Okay…3 very big factors. Oh, and the concert ticket itself is $75 for each day (it’s a 2-day event). Bloody obstacles! So I’m easily looking at the very least… $500 to see my all-time favorite band. I guess I can always wait for them to come here. They were actually here in 1999 (or was it 1998) but I was oblivious for some reason and failed to see them or even hear about them until after the fact…. Man..I shall be whining about this from time to time.

2. I wanted a new laptop so I could get the ball rolling on that Great Novel that’s always been on the back of my mind. Today, I actually purchased one! Very exciting. This is my first big electronic purchase!! I feel so grown up…. I do have a laptop now, but in the words of Will Smith (from the movie MIB II)…it’s old and busted! My laptop will be the new hotness!

3. Shit I want my house cleaned up once and for all! Moving and unpacking is a bitch. I know I should just grin and bear it and attack all these boxes, but it’s a lot harder in reality than in theory to do. Plus with all these home improvements in the back of my mind, it’s like I’m still in limbo waiting for the actual home to catch up to it’s potential (what I see in my head). I feel transitory almost. You know how you feel when you’re staying in someone’s home and you’re not quite feeling at home because it’s not yours but you have to stay there for a few days or so? Like a visitor? That’s a bit how I feel at times…. Man, I wish I had money to burn so I can hire a great contractor, designer, etc… to do the works…

4. America’s Next Top Model rocks! I love this show! I think it’s brill! I like April, Mercedes, and Shandi. I think those 3 are normal, honest, and real. Camille’s one hell of a hypocritical bitch and Catie’s just this insipid little creature who cries at the slightest critique. Hel-lo!! You wanna be a freaking model and you can’t take criticism about your looks!? Uhm…something’s missing here….

More ramblings later….Law & Order is on!


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