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Random Blurbs. 1) Traffic was horrendous on S…

26 April 2004

Random Blurbs.

1) Traffic was horrendous on Saturday in NYC at about 7:45 pm. Was stuck on the West Side Highway on my way to my friend’s b-day dinner. I was late. I hate being late. I’m a fairly punctual person. Traffic was caused by the Queen Mary 2 which was docked in NYC this weekend. So the highway was freaking clogged. I hate traffic. Then crossing over to 5th Ave was a bitch as well. Of course the street I turned into happened to be the same street that this fire truck decided to go on as well. Truck forced everyone off the street and into the curbs even. I tried to follow it, but to no avail. In any case, it took me about an hour to get to where I was supposed to be. That’s like 40 minutes more that usual.

2) Interesting site I stumbled into: Blogged at the It’s a collaborative blog between like 14 kids or something from around the world. Though for a while now, I guess this chick from the Philippines has been blogging a lot. She just had her debut and had ordered this cool cake from this bakery called CLAYCAKES in the Philippines. V. fab!! Do check it out.

3) Stayed out late this Saturday. Went to a b-day dinner party, then to another friend’s party. Stayed out till past 2 pm! This is a rarity. Got to bed at 3 am! Had a brilliant time though.

4) I’m going to see the Cure! Yeah! I’m finally going get a Cure fix. I’m going to this concert-festival in D.C. on May 22nd called the WHFS Festival. At $40 a pop, it’s a steal! And the line-up is so freaking fly! The Cure, Jay-Z, P.O.D, Modest Mouse and more…all on one bill!! It’s almost as cool as the Oxegen Festival in Ireland! Almost.

5) ALIAS rocks! Jennifer Garner rocks! I’ve liked her since her days in Felicity. I thought she was so cute. Now, she’s the hottest thing…props to her.

6) Have to go to “Baby Prosecutor’s School” this week. It’s this training thing that they send us on to learn how to do things. It’s pretty helpful since this week is all about mock trials. Considering I may have my first jury trial in early May! F*ck!!!


Manic Monday. I won a trial today! Trial was in f…

20 April 2004

Manic Monday. I won a trial today! Trial was in front of not-my-usual judge; private attorney was all fired-up and kept insisting I was wrong; victim was counting on me; issues were not clear-cut; I had allergies up the wazoo and could hardly breathe; but lo and behold! I won on all 4 counts! Oh yeah! Great end to a long-ass day!

I lurve shopping! Went to Woodbury Commons this past Saturday with Girlie and Trish. It was a good day for loot. I was hoping to score some clutches and found 2! Good budgeting as well. We were there shopping for 5 hours (but we did spend an hour on lunch); had fab weather; good finds –great Saturday! Starting this week though, I promised myself I would weed out my closet. There’s just waay too much junk in there!


People are annoying. People’s behaviors can be ve…

16 April 2004

People are annoying. People’s behaviors can be very annoying. Self included of course. Like when a person is walking in front of you and stops for no reason in the middle of the sidewalk (or while walking up the stairs for that matter). Or if they’re a friend and you’re just sick of some of their habits (and you can’t really do anything about it because that’s how they are). Or people who say they’re going to do something and never follow up. I mean, why say it, if you ain’t gonna do it?! I don’t really know where I’m going with this. Yesterday was just one of those days.

Monotony. Notice how the work week just repeats. I like my work, I really do. But I don’t think you can escape saying “Oh ye gods, it’s only Wednesday?” Or…”Ah Thursday! Almost Friday!”. It’s the same shit everyday. You wake up. Get ready. Go to work. Deal with work. Go home (or to the gym or something). Occasionally pepper the workweek by going out here and there. Go to sleep. Wake up repeat. The weekends are always way too short. You run your errands. Do things leisurely. Go shopping. Watch a flick. Go to someone’s gathering at a lounge once in a while. Or if you’re lucky, you can go on a holiday every few months or so. But in reality, it’s the same freaking pattern.

Well TGIF.

Food Stupor. You know when you just eat large quantities of food and you end up in a brain-drain type of daze afterwards? Like after you eat a big lunch or dinner and you get all sleepy. Yesterday’s food log:

Breakfast: small decaf coffee and ¾ of a Dunkin Donuts scone (which I don’t really like cuz they make ‘em all weird and super-sweet and not at all flaky).

Lunch: Huge sandwich with mozzarella, prosciutto, lettuce/tomato, and balsamic vinegar. There’s this fabulous authentic Italian Deli by work and they have amazing food. They’re kinda of like the soup Nazi (from Seinfeld) though. You have to know what you want right away and there’s separate lines for hot food and cold food. Plus, they charge you more if you’re a guy vs. if you’re a lady. No joke. I thought my co-worker was lying when he said this, but yesterday, we ordered the exact same sandwich and I was charged $4 and he was charged $5! He said something, so they changed it back to $4 for him.

Snack: 3 pieces of chocolate (I’m trying to cut down).

Dinner: POPEYE’s! (I gave it up for Lent and this was the first time I’ve had in for a while). Had a 2-piece with half of a large Cajun Rice and half a biscuit.

Dessert: a chocolate and cookies-n-cream milkshake! (yum! I also gave up ice cream for Lent and this hit the spot).

So pretty much, I was left in a food daze afterwards. My stomach is still digesting last night’s dinner as I type. This doesn’t mean I’m not hungry though. Damn. My day revolves around food. And this day seems like a long one.


Erin-go-Bragh! Okay, I’m seriously thinking of goi…

16 April 2004

Erin-go-Bragh! Okay, I’m seriously thinking of going to Ireland this July. Why? Because of the Oxegen Festival! Yet another fabulous event in which The Cure will be playing. Yes. I’m obsessed. But this festival will also feature a whole slew of other artists that I also like! Get this: Wu-Tang Clan, David Bowie, N.E.R.D., Black Eyed Peas (even if they did hire that new chick who thinks she’s the shit), and many others! Granted, I could just go to Coachella (I actually don’t know if there are tickets still available) which will be much cheaper. But part of me thinks that hey, I’m still young, why not splurge? Of course, I’m way more responsible than that. First off, I don’t got money to splurge even if I wanted to! It will be my birthday weekend during the festival though, and it could be my gift to myself. Ah who knows….wishful thinking.

Regardless, I will be traveling to Europe this summer! The fams, hubs, and I are going to Portugal, Spain, and Morocco via Trafalgar Tours this August. I’ll be gone for 11 days. My biggest fear is missing a Cure concert date! They are scheduled to tour the U.S. in July/August, but dates are yet unknown. So I may be out of town when they get to the NYC area! I’m a freaking nerd. I’m lucky enough to be going to Europe, and here I am whining about missing a potential concert date! Don’t worry, I’ll get over it.


Call me DJ Kat. I went to my first DJ class last …

14 April 2004

Call me DJ Kat. I went to my first DJ class last night at the Scratch Academy. It was pretty fly. There were about 16 or so folks in there (including my bro and my friend Bryan). There’s 2 people per table, and you get a turntable each. We learned some basic concepts last night and I learned how to do a baby scratch. I sucked though. I would need tons of practice. Too bad it’s not that close to me and you can only practice Monday-Friday 10-8 pm. (for the time being). At the end of the class, each person has to do his/her own showcase. Ye gods! I’m going to try to fuse The Cure with some hip-hop beat. But I would actually have to go buy a Cure LP –I’ll be hard-pressed to find one. And speaking of The Cure –they’re going to be on Jay Leno on April 30th!!!! And apparently, they’re going to come out with “Curefest” –a festival-type of concert this summer with other bands as opposed to just touring by themselves. That may be a rumor but still….what a rip! So instead of them playing a 2-3 hour concert, I have to listen to a bunch of opening bands (some of whom I’m sure I’ve never heard of) and waste time.

Training. I have finally started some sort of training for the Avon Walk-a-Thon. Last Saturday, I went walking at a park near my house. The sign says “Bike Path 1 and ¼ mile” but I didn’t know if that meant the entire bike path or just the circular area where the sign was. Basically, the bike/walk path is kinda of a like a figure 8 and one area is separated by trees. So I don’t know if the whole thing was 1 mile and change, or just one circle. In any case, I think I walked approximately 4+ miles in the span of one hour. So that’s pretty good. But my shins hurt like a mofo. I can’t imagine how much I’ll be hurting after Day 1 of the walk-a-thon. In any case, I’m going to try to walk at least 3 times a week. Long walks on Saturdays, and a couple of miles during the workdays. Hopefully, it’ll stop raining by this week so I can actually do some walking outdoors. I also bought some new kicks for the walk. Avon recommended a size larger than your usual to give room for swelling, so I got some size 8 kicks from Lady Foot Locker.

Happy 30th Birthday. Mark and I went to Brother Jimmy’s Bait Shack on Monday to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. It was very cool and low-key and it was great to see a whole bunch of people I haven’t seen in a while.

Painting. I finished doing one coat of paint in our dining room. It looks pretty nifty already. I chose Benjamin Moore’s “Poppy” for the walls and I’ll be painting the ceiling and trims white. We also plan on putting crown molding on the ceilings. I’m doing the second-coat this weekend, or at least after the hubs finishes spackling one of the walls. [We didn’t know one of the walls would look patchy (we have primed it, after all) until after the first coat of paint.] So whenever that’s done, I’ll do the second coat. I’m also going to do a yellow-orange glaze over the wall to give it that “rustic-Tuscany look”. We’ll see. I haven’t tried faux-finishing before so I have to test it out on one area first. Otherwise, I think the red looks great by itself. Next step is saving up money to buy a dining set to put in there.


Nothing to blog about. *Yawn* Nothing going on o…

8 April 2004

Nothing to blog about. *Yawn* Nothing going on over here. So here’s some random blurbs…

Playlist – Songs I’m Absolutely Digging Right Now:

1) This Love – by Maroon 5

2) Immigrant Song – by Led Zeppelin

3) Heartbreaker – by Led Zeppelin

4) Twilight Garden – by The Cure

5) Toxic – by Britney

6) Tipsy – by J Kwon

7) Lovesong – by 311 (Cover version of the Cure’s)

Bail. I set a defendant’s bail the other day for $75,000 cash or bond only. I spoke to the victim who was absolutely terrified that if the defendant were to get out that same day (supposedly, he has a rich sister), he would go and kill her. Normally, bails can be made by posting a 10% bail. But since this guy has an extensive prior record, and one of his new charges involved a 2nd degree crime, I asked for a $75K cash or bond bail only (no 10%). And I got it. Neat. I don’t think the defendant’s rich sister can get that kind of cash. And quite frankly, if I was the sister, I’d be like “I ain’t bailing out your sorry ass. I got better things to do with my money.”

Easter Weekend. Since I work for the government, I get Good Friday off! It’s darn freaking nice to get a Friday off. Tomorrow, I’m going to hit the gym (had a momentary lapse from Monday to Today), then buy paint for the dining room. I thinking of painting it red and I’m just a bit worried that it’ll make the room look smaller. But I’m going to go ahead with it regardless. Heck, if I hate it, I could always paint over it. Painting prep and clean up is a bitch even though painting itself is fairly easy. So that’s tomorrow’s project. Then on Saturday, I’m having dinner with my folks. Easter Sunday Dinner will be at the in-law’s home. I’m making Oreo cheesecake for both sets.

Spring Fling. Even though I know I don’t need new clothes/accessories, I still want to buy some! The shops are always good at enticing you with their new season’s collection. They come out a season before –so even though it’s winter, they get you to buy the spring stuff before it even starts to get warm. My anticipated buys are: a black leather clutch; a non-black leather clutch in a bold color; some non-black strappy heels; and terry cloth flip flops. It would be nice if I had some extra cash for these purchases. As it is, almost every dollar I have is ear-marked for bills, or for saving up for a house-related buy. Why can’t I win the lottery like J.Lo’s mom?!


Rain on Me. This morning, I got rained on, on the…

1 April 2004

Rain on Me. This morning, I got rained on, on the way to work. I park about 2 blocks away from the courthouse and as I was walking, there was a sudden burst of torrential downpour and I got soaked. I tried to wait it out by hanging out on the awning of some mechanic shop. Luckily, some guy came by with his huge umbrella and asked “Going to the courthouse?” and gave me some refuge. He was a juror. And I said, jokingly, “oh, we shouldn’t talk!” But it was very, very nice of him to offer me half of his umbrella. When I got to work, my hair was wet (like I took a shower and ran out of towels wet) and my coat was drenched. Of course, this was the morning I actually fixed my hair and curled the ends. And of course, the minute I got into the building, the rain stopped.

My friend is turning 30 in a few days. When I was a teen, I though 30 was just so out there, yanno. But of course, now that I’ll be 30 myself in a few years, it doesn’t matter. Haven’t you heard, ‘40’ is the NEW ’30.’ Hehehe. Some things I’d like to accomplish before turning 30 (but may not necessarily be able to do, and I fully admit that):

1. Have 2 kids:
I love kiddies. Have taken care of them and babysat them for years. When it comes to kiddies, my patience is pretty good although I know it’ll be a crazy road ahead (and there will be plenty of hair-pulling moments). And I’ve always wanted to be a “young” mom (although I know being “young” is all relative). Take a look at my mom –she had me when she was 22. I’m 27 now, and she’ll be turning 50 this year. I’d like to be young enough so that when my kids are grown up and I’m retired, I can still be up and about.

2. Have a novel published. Okay, this has been a life-long ordeal thus far. But we’ll see. You never know. Slowly but steady. Slowly but steady. The dream is still there.

3. Have my kitchen/patio/dining room redone. This project is slated to come in 5-7 years. I want it sooner. But alas, unless I win the lottery, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

4. Be a millionaire. Yes I know….Reality check.

5. Win a jury trial. As of now, I’ve only done bench-trials. But who knows, in a year or so, I may be doing jury trials. In our county, getting a guilty verdict is ridiculously hard, apparently. And winning your first jury trial is a hard feat to come by. But we’ll see. Heck, I’d be happy with doing better cross-examinations. Instead of my stammering…”Uhm, so you were at home, right? Okay. That’s it. No further questions.”

6. Get LASIK. Oh! So scared! But I’m sick of wearing contacts and getting my eyes all irritated and shit. Or wearing glasses and getting them foggy or wet from the rain. Will have to look into this.

Well, those were just SOME goals…