Call me DJ Kat. I went to my first DJ class last …

14 April 2004

Call me DJ Kat. I went to my first DJ class last night at the Scratch Academy. It was pretty fly. There were about 16 or so folks in there (including my bro and my friend Bryan). There’s 2 people per table, and you get a turntable each. We learned some basic concepts last night and I learned how to do a baby scratch. I sucked though. I would need tons of practice. Too bad it’s not that close to me and you can only practice Monday-Friday 10-8 pm. (for the time being). At the end of the class, each person has to do his/her own showcase. Ye gods! I’m going to try to fuse The Cure with some hip-hop beat. But I would actually have to go buy a Cure LP –I’ll be hard-pressed to find one. And speaking of The Cure –they’re going to be on Jay Leno on April 30th!!!! And apparently, they’re going to come out with “Curefest” –a festival-type of concert this summer with other bands as opposed to just touring by themselves. That may be a rumor but still….what a rip! So instead of them playing a 2-3 hour concert, I have to listen to a bunch of opening bands (some of whom I’m sure I’ve never heard of) and waste time.

Training. I have finally started some sort of training for the Avon Walk-a-Thon. Last Saturday, I went walking at a park near my house. The sign says “Bike Path 1 and ¼ mile” but I didn’t know if that meant the entire bike path or just the circular area where the sign was. Basically, the bike/walk path is kinda of a like a figure 8 and one area is separated by trees. So I don’t know if the whole thing was 1 mile and change, or just one circle. In any case, I think I walked approximately 4+ miles in the span of one hour. So that’s pretty good. But my shins hurt like a mofo. I can’t imagine how much I’ll be hurting after Day 1 of the walk-a-thon. In any case, I’m going to try to walk at least 3 times a week. Long walks on Saturdays, and a couple of miles during the workdays. Hopefully, it’ll stop raining by this week so I can actually do some walking outdoors. I also bought some new kicks for the walk. Avon recommended a size larger than your usual to give room for swelling, so I got some size 8 kicks from Lady Foot Locker.

Happy 30th Birthday. Mark and I went to Brother Jimmy’s Bait Shack on Monday to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. It was very cool and low-key and it was great to see a whole bunch of people I haven’t seen in a while.

Painting. I finished doing one coat of paint in our dining room. It looks pretty nifty already. I chose Benjamin Moore’s “Poppy” for the walls and I’ll be painting the ceiling and trims white. We also plan on putting crown molding on the ceilings. I’m doing the second-coat this weekend, or at least after the hubs finishes spackling one of the walls. [We didn’t know one of the walls would look patchy (we have primed it, after all) until after the first coat of paint.] So whenever that’s done, I’ll do the second coat. I’m also going to do a yellow-orange glaze over the wall to give it that “rustic-Tuscany look”. We’ll see. I haven’t tried faux-finishing before so I have to test it out on one area first. Otherwise, I think the red looks great by itself. Next step is saving up money to buy a dining set to put in there.


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