The sun has come out! Last night, I went out to…

21 May 2004

The sun has come out!

Last night, I went out to dinner with Trish and Girlie. We tried this new joint called ‘inoteca –a fairly new joint in the L.E.S. that serves tapas-sized Italian fare. Good eats, drinks, and chatting. The dishes were very rich and delicious and just the right size. I had this vanilla gelato for dessert with espresso sauce –soo good that I forgot all my problems. Thanks for listening chicas! And shout-out to Girlie for those kick-ass shoes! I must get me some of those too!

Friends can make you feel so much better.
Shout-out to Karen for knowing exactly what to say, knowing exactly how I feel, and of course, making me laugh! Hot damn! You are good! Come to Miami with me! And yes, let’s stalk them!

And shout-out to Girlie again for being game to watching a concert with a band she hardly knows (in 2 different cities where we have to fly to!) just so I have someone to go with! She got my back like that….

The WHFS Festival is tomorrow! I saw the line-up and I’m so excited! I haven’t been to a concert since Shakira in 2002 (yes, I saw Shakira –whut? Jealous?! =). Anyway, they added the Violent Femmes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (I didn’t see them in the line-up before). And the site also posted the set times so I know approximately when The Cure and Jay-Z will be playing! 7:35 for Jay, and 9:45 for The Cure. I know they’ll be playing for at least an hour, but I hope they extend it! The only thing I don’t like about these music fests is that I know it’ll be hot (high of 91 for D.C. is predicted tomorrow w/ isolated T-storms), it’ll be crowded, you have to buy all your stuff in there cuz no food/drinks are allowed and the prices with be jacked up, AND I’m short so I know I won’t see shit even if I get near the stage. But being in the same area where The Cure is going to be and hearing them live again is enough for me. Yeah, I know I’m a nerd.

It’s Friday, I’m in love! This is going to be a great weekend!


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