Happy Anniversary to Us! The hubs and I celebra…

2 June 2004

Happy Anniversary to Us!

The hubs and I celebrated our 3-year wedding anniversary yesterday. We went to the River Café in Brooklyn, right at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Our drive there was pretty miserable considering it was pouring and very congested (it normally isn’t that crazy at 6 pm). But as we neared Brooklyn, the sun came out and it stopped raining. I was worried we would have a horrible view when we got the place, but the evening turned out fabulously.

If you haven’t been there before, the River Café is an intimate, romantic-type spot that is famous for its view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the city in general. The restaurant is actually a boat that is permanently grounded, and it’s tucked away at the bottom of the bridge. The place is usually filled with fresh flowers and the surrounding area is pretty lush with lots of greenery. It’s a great place to have a small wedding (like less than 50 guests). We got there right on time at 7:30 pm and left at about 10:30 pm or so. We had an excellent meal of shrimps, foie gras, halibut, wild King Salmon, and amazing desserts. It was a very sweet evening with just the two of us. We took pictures around the area (which I’ll post up shortly) to “capture” the moment, of course. Cheers to us!

Here’s a pic:


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