CONGRATULATIONS to my brother Mikey who graduated …

15 June 2004

CONGRATULATIONS to my brother Mikey who graduated from middle school this past June 11! We went to his ceremony and had a nice (and h-u-g-e) meal afterwards. I can’t believe he’s going to be a first-year in high school this coming September. Damn. How time flies.

Weekend Update

Aside from moping, I went to Babies-R-Us this past Saturday for the first time in my life. I went there to buy some gifts for my friend who’s due to give birth to a baby girl next month. Some observations/thoughts:

1) Never go there on a Saturday: there’s just way too many people walking around. I don’t know what the hell I was expecting, but something about being there was a bit disconcerting for me. Depressing even. I felt like Christopher from The Sopranos in the episode where Adrianna gets killed. You know, when he’s at the gas station contemplating whether or not he takes up Ade’s offer and he sees this family get into a car. He sees the dad looking despondent; the mom harried and haggard; and the kids sorta toiling aimlessly as they’re off on some family road trip. Hm…now what does that say about me? It’s not that I think anything wrong about starting/having a family or nor do I look down upon it in anyway (quite the opposite!). I’m just saying that’s how I felt at that particular time on that particular day.

2) Why does blue always have to equal “boy” and why does pink always have to equal “girl”? I’m not the world’s biggest pink fan (though I’m on a hot pink phase at the moment); and I don’t plan on dressing my baby girl in pink all the time (assuming I have a daughter). I like blue a lot more than pink. But it seemed that a majority of all the blue clothes in there had “little boy”; “daddy’s boy”; “big boy” or something to that effect printed on them. Likewise, a majority of the pink items had to have “little girl” (etc.) printed on them. What gives?! Talk about gender-roles stereotypes. Can’t I just buy a blue onesie in peace?

3) Baby clothes are so freaking cute! I got the CUTEST onesie with Classic Pooh prints all over them and matching booties! I had all intentions of giving it to my friend, but I loved it so much that I’m keeping it! So it’s now in my closet for my baby to use in the future. The hubs was like “are you serious? you’re keeping it?” Me: “Well it won’t be around next year or the year after that, right?” Him: “They’ll always have the Pooh stuff.” Me: “You don’t know that. They’re not going to have it. I’m keeping it.”

4) Aight, these things don’t come cheap. Can you say registry?

Well that’s that. The only other thing I did this past weekend was a get a new tattoo. Well, 2 new ones actually (but of the same design). I’ve been meaning to get a tattoo on my foot for the past year, and I actually got it done yesterday. The other one is on my wrist. I was worried that the foot tat would hurt like a beeyatch since it’s a bony area. It was fine. The real killer was the wrist. Bloody fucking-A. And the wrist one is a tiny design at that! Here’s a not-so-clear pic:


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