Inspired by Toni’s Wifely Steps, today’s blog is a…

22 July 2004

Inspired by Toni’s Wifely Steps, today’s blog is about some of my life experiences/milestones thus far:

10 Years Ago, I…

  1. Lived with a classmate’s family in Los Angeles, CA while my parents & siblings moved to Queens, NY.  (I stayed behind to finish high school).
  2. Played guitar in a garage band with my then-boyfriend and friends. 
  3. Was a Goth-punk dresser (not in the extreme) and lived in my Doc Martens.
  4. Was the Editor-in-Chief of my school paper.

5 Years Ago, I…

  1. Graduated from college with a BA in Sociology.
  2. Signed a lease for an apartment in the Upper West Side.
  3. Decided to enroll in law school.
  4. Reunited with a friend from junior high.  She became my roommate.

3 Years Ago, I…

  1. Got married with many of my relatives from the Philippines in attendance.
  2. Moved from Manhattan to an apartment in Fort Lee, New Jersey.
  3. Landed my first waist-high rail while snowboarding.  Kick-ass!
  4. Hosted my first Christmas party.

A Year Ago, I…

  1. Received a job offer for my DREAM job!!
  2. Tried surfing for the first time. 
  3. (Along with the hubs) closed on my very first home in Fort Lee, NJ.
  4. Partied with my cousins in Hong Kong at our cousin’s wedding.

This Year, I…

  1. Went back to Los Angeles in June to visit old friends. 
  2. Gained 7 pounds so far since working in this office.
  3. Painted our dining room red.
  4. Joined a band.

Yesterday, I…

  1. Went to the gym before work! (gasp!)
  2. Practiced DJ-ing/spinning with my friend to prepare for my first gig on Tuesday.
  3. Made up a song to try out with the band.
  4. Went to bed at 11 pm.  My earliest bedtime in a looong time.

Today, I…

  1. Went to the gym before work! (Trying to make it a habit).
  2. Stayed strong and refused to go on our 3-pm ice cream break.
  3. Had a meatball sub for lunch.
  4. Am going on a dinner date with the hubs.

Tomorrow I will…

  1. Go to the gym in the morning.  Try to squeeze in a pedicure somewhere. 
  2. Go to the Spanish Consulate to pick up my visa.
  3. Go meet up with my friend to buy more records.
  4. Head to Cape May with the hubs.


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