Fender Bender I got into a minor car accident …

28 July 2004

Fender Bender

I got into a minor car accident on the way home from work.  A moving truck sideswiped me on the driver’s side and took out my side mirror.  I was irate!  I yelled “pull the f*ck over!” and pulled into a U-Haul lot that the highway was next to.  I got out of the car and furiously started scribbling down his license plate, the company name and address painted on the side of the truck, and was basically boiling up.  I guess you can say I’m a hot head.  The driver got out and looked at the damage to my car and started fiddling with the mirror.  Then 3 other guys got out (there was 4 of them altogether) and started looking at my car.  (Had this been at night, I think I would’ve been a bit more alarmed).  I asked the driver for his license and information and he asked for mine.  All the while, I’m fuming and saying things like “it’s a 2-lane highway, why didn’t you stay on your side, etc.”  After the information exchange, I got into the car and adjusted the mirror.  One guy came by and said “relax, calm down.”  One guy adjusted the mirrors and put the frames back in place.  Then another one said, “she needs some tape.”  So they got tape from their truck to hold my mirror in place, and then the other guy noticed that a piece of my mirror must’ve fallen somewhere.  He went to go get it.  In the end, I thanked them for their help and I apologized for being mean.  I said I had a long day.   After all, the driver was nice and helpful enough.  He said just send him a bill and he’d pay for it. 

Lesson learned: I should’ve been nicer.  There was no need to be nasty.  The driver was calm and I should’ve been too.  But hey, I was stressed!  They sideswiped my car, and it was their fault!  On the drive home though, I was appalled at my behavior.  I’m not normally a yeller.  Yes, I am impatient and a general “hothead” in that I get annoyed easily, but I don’t normally yell at people or take it out on people just like that.  The important thing I should’ve remembered is that no one got hurt (although on the way home, my left arm felt funny…still does… Like it’s numb or something).  I’m lucky that the damage was minor even though it was a truck that hit my car, and I’m lucky that the guys were nice enough to help me tape my mirror back in place.  In the end, will the guy pay for it?  That’s another story.  But I still should’ve bit my tongue and just counted my blessings. 

On a Better Note…here’s other things that brightened up my day:

  • My package from Amazon arrived!  I ordered some July 25th.  The package shipped out on the 27th, and I got it today (go UPS! heheh…the hubs works there).  Now I have 2 new books: Something Borrowed and Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood.  I also got The Strokes’ Room on Fire CD.  I also got the hubs a golf book.
  • I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed at work because I have a lot of files that have yet to be disposed of, scheduled, presented to the Grand Jury, etc. This morning, however, I was really productive and reviewed a lot of them and organized them all.  Now, I feel more on top of things because I know the status of most of the files.  After all that, I found out that: a) I have 33 indictable files (potential “felony convictions”) and b) I have 32 non-indictable files (disorderly persons or misdemeanors).  I’m so relieved!  I thought I had more, but I don’t!  Now I won’t feel so behind when I go on holiday. 
  • My friend Julie sent me a birthday present.  I love presents!
  • The hubs and I are going to go see The Bourne Supremacy tonight! I’m out!

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