Random Blurbs and a Look at the PastI walked acros…

8 September 2004

Random Blurbs and a Look at the Past

  • I walked across the George Washington Bridge this past weekend as part of my training for the upcoming Avon Walk-a-Thon. I think it’s about 1.5 miles across (but I’m bad at mileage). It was a bit scary because I stopped and looked down. You can also feel the vibrations from the vehicles that go through. I took some pics (even though it’s illegal to take pictures) but the day was overcast so they didn’t come out too well. Otherwise though, the view is amazing. You see Manhattan in all it’s glory, as well as views of the Palisades, and the NJ side of the Hudson River.

  • I saw the movie Hero. The cinematography was amazing, the story was interesting (told in a slightly unconventional way), but the overall movie was a bit too long. Also, I prefer my fight scenes to have cool, fast-paced background music –it wasn’t the case here. Altogether, I would give it a 2 thumbs up, but a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • The hubs posted some more pics of our trip to Portugal and Spain in our website. Click here to view the pics.

  • The new judge I’m in front of prefers to go through his entire calendar with no breaks. So today, I was in court from 9:30-2 pm straight. By 1 pm, I thought I would pass out from hunger. I was literally light-headed. I don’t care if I’m in court all day (in fact, I prefer it to being at my desk), but food is another issue. I get cranky and unmotivated once I get really ravenous. Note to self: stash some granola bars somewhere in your files. I’m going to have to get used to this new routine. I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing. I already got snapped at a few times from the judge, and I miss my old team. Oh well. Gotta deal with it.

  • I took my car to the dealership to get an estimate for my side view mirror (it got knocked out when I got into an accident). Guess how much the estimate was? It’s a whopping $1,178 for the damage! Que horror! So I called the guy who hit my car and he was of course appalled at the price and asked why so much. I told him what the mechanic told me: When the mirror got hit, it damaged the motor inside the mirror. You see my car has a button that retracts the side view mirrors (handy for parking in the city and parking in my spot at work b/c the entrance is very narrow). So BMW has to order a new motor, replace it, replace the entire mirror case, fix the wiring, paint the new mirror case, and then install the whole thing. The guy is going to pay me on a bi-weekly basis. I don’t mind, as long as he keeps his word. I know he will though, because he saw my badge during the accident. Muhahahah! *evil laughter*

  • I was cleaning out my documents and came across my resume. It hasn’t been updated, but it’s the resume that got me my job at the moment. Reading through it though, I can’t help but think how conventional (not to mention, boring) my experience has been. Nothing spectacular is in it, unlike my cousin’s whose resume is a veritable music A-list (e.g., Janet Jackson, Sting, Usher). I should’ve put the fact that I studied in London for a summer but I didn’t because I received no credit (turns out the class did not fulfill the requirements of my university). In short, it’s a straight-laced resume, but I shouldn’t complain because I’m happy where I’m at. Each job experience is unique not only because of where I worked, but because of the social situation I was in at the time. Here’s a cut-n-paste version:

Update: The hubs advised me to take off my resume since people up to no good may use it for their own purposes. I’m only leaving the Education and Skills part.


  • New York Law School

    Juris Doctor, June 2002; Member, NJ Bar, December 2002; Member, NY Bar, July 2003

    Activities: Recipient, Joseph Solomon Public Interest Fellowship 2000

    Co-President, The Public Interest Coalition

    Executive Vice President, Asian American Law Students Association
  • Barnard College of Columbia University

    Bachelor of Arts, May 1999; Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology

    Concentrations: Social and Poverty Theories; Asian American Studies; Comparative Lit.

    Activities: Executive Board Member, Liga Filipina

    Copy Editor, The Asian Journal


  • Languages: Fluent in Tagalog; Proficient and conversant in Spanish
  • Other: Highly proficient in both PCs and Macs; Microsoft Office Suite; trained in LEXIS and WESTLAW; attended the Gotham Writer’s Workshop for Fiction Writing.

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