Take Me Out! – Weekend in Pictures Saw Franz Fe…

14 September 2004

Take Me Out! – Weekend in Pictures

  • Saw Franz Ferdinand this past Thursday – they rock! I smuggled in my camera only to have it die on me as soon as I tried to take a picture inside the Roseland Ballroom. Hence, this one surviving photo. I love going to shows; the scene is just so vibrant and energetic (mixed, diverse crowd, the most eclectic fashion scene; and of course, the great music). I’m watching The Killers on Oct. 4th…the show should be kick-ass as well!

  • NJ Prosecutor’s Convention, Atlantic City, NJ 2004 – Oh yeah! Lawyers can certainly party. Each county usually rents out a ‘hospitality suite’ so guests can wander in and out and chill. Even the Attorney General of NJ came to party with in our suite (no pics of that though), as did my boss. No one got severely bombed (that I saw first-hand…hearsay is another story). I’m not the world’s biggest drinker anymore (I’m buzzed after 4 drinks; 3 if they are strong and haven’t eaten; drunk at 5 or 6), so I usually retire earlier than the others. The hubs even came out to join me! Turns out, he graduated from high school with one of our ex-prosecutors.

My co-worker Priya (we are dubbed “Kapriya” since we started together and are joined at the hip) with Jhanice, the only other Filipino prosecutor I know of in the State of NJ at the moment. Jhanice is from Somerset County.

Primping before a mandatory dress-up Awards Banquet.

Party Pics

Me with the hubs (or is it?!)

  • I gambled a bit. Black Jack is my game. I was up $60, but lost it. At the end though, I came out completely even with $50 in my pocket. I’m such a conservative gambler though; the highest I bet is $15 (on a $10 minimum bet table). I’ll be back in AC next weekend for a family gathering and this time, I’ll be a bit riskier! (Or so I say, it’s hard parting with cash!)

Atlantic City by day:

  • Monday: back to the daily grind. Went to work then band practice. I don’t think I can squeeze in morning workouts anymore because our new judge wants us in court at 9 am on the dot. I don’t sleep early enough to wake up early enough. But must squeeze in gym time –gotta lose weight! I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any NEW clothes until I lost 8 pounds. I’m an effing heifer! Do you see the size of my arms?! Naku!


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