Girl Mad Words… Disclaimer: I wrote this entry …

13 October 2004

Girl Mad Words…

Disclaimer: I wrote this entry while in a really foul mood. It’s mostly free association and ramblings. READ: my grammar is appalling and my thoughts aren’t quite coherent. But do read on if you’d like. Be sure to check out the “Reader Survey” at the end.

  • I’m in a slump. I don’t feel like myself. I feel bloated, sleepy, fat, and apathetic. I’m tired of whining to my hubs how fat I’ve gotten. A co-worker gave me a pic we took in Atlantic City and I must say, my arms were H-U-G-E. So as soon as I got done with court, I kick-off another co-worker from the computer (we have to share computers, 5:1 ratio) and immediatley google “liposuction.” I actually read a very informative article about it and even considered calling my mom to ask if her friends knew anyone before I realize how stupid I was acting. Okay, stupid because A) i could never afford lipo to begin with, and B) who the fuck’s looking at me since I’m already married? I want to lose 10 pounds but lose it instantaneously. I was at the best shape of my life during law school. What gives? But since I started working at this stupid courthouse, I’ve gotten big. I think working for the government just leads to physical atrophy (not to mention leads to a decrease in personality. Have you ever met a non-disgruntled government worker?). I mean, I look at the people there and I know that some of them will die at the courthouse. Take Marge for example, this women who’s been working there for like 40 years and hobbles around with a cane. She used to have great posture! Of course, now she’s like 80 years old and 2 feet shorter. And a lot of people there are overweight. I care about my health, I really do. Of course, I also care because I’m slightly vain about my appearance. I think it sucks that I no longer get cat-calls on the street on a daily basis. Plus, I don’t want to run into some guy I used to date looking all fat! That’s it –my sole motivation for losing weight is fear of running into an ex on a bad day. Ha!

  • I’m digging this new Usher/Alicia Keys joint called “My Boo.” Actually, I don’t really dig the song so much as the actual lyrics (well, part of them anyway. I don’t like the term “my boo” ’cause I just think it’s corny). And I’m not a big fan of R&B-type love songs or ballads for that matter. Okay, the point of this blurb is that I think the song is sweet. I think the words are on-point. Click here for the lyrics.
  • Some people I read about just have fabulous lives. Take Joey or Tin for example. Why can’t I be fabulous too? Or at least, blog like I’m fabulous. Oh that’s right, I hardly do anything nowadays. I had a 3-day weekend and I didn’t do a thing! Except finish off 3 books. By the way, I’d like to recommend Dry, a kick-ass memoir by Augusten Burroughs.
  • I cut the top of my left ring finger today while chopping up veggies for dinner. I realized it was deeper than I thought when it was still bleeding while I was eating dinner. It’s fine now, but I may have to put off guitar for a day or so until it closes up.
  • Who reads my blog anyway? I can count 10 people who read it. I’m at a loss for words at the moment and need to think of writing material. I think I’ll bite off Toni’s idea and ask people what they want to know about me. I’ll also bite off Riss’ idea and make up a survey so I can know more about people who do actually read this. I think if more than 5 folks answer (cut-n-paste into comments box), I’ll call it a GOOD day!

Reader Survey

1. First name

2. Location

3. Top 3 Favorite Movies

4. Top 3 Favorite Band/Artist

5. (a) For Females: Thongs – Yay or Nay?

(b) For Males: Boxers or Briefs?

6. Describe yourself in three words.

7. Do you have a special bathroom you use if you need to poo at work?

8. Do you think Michael Jackson’s career is over?

9. How did you find this blog?

10. Is there something in particular you’d like to know about me? Toss Out a Q!

11. What do you do for a living?


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