Walking in a Winter Wonderland…. Current Weat…

23 January 2005

Walking in a Winter Wonderland….

Current Weather Conditions for New York, NY: Cloudy; 21°F; Feels Like 9°F; Wind: From North at 12 mph gusting to 24 mph…

It’s the blizzard of 2005! At least that’s what the reporters called the 10-15 inches of snow that descended upon the tri-state area this weekend. Early last week, a snow storm was expected to hit the tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT) early Saturday. Lo and behold: snow actually did come down hard! Yesterday, flurries appeared by 11 am; by noon, the roads were already slippery and visibility was low. It was windy and bitterly cold. Flood watch advisory for the coastal regions. Everyone was advised to stay in and stay clear of the roads.

I went to the gym yesterday morning and afterwards, stopped by the grocery to get food for dinner (since I knew we weren’t going out). Everyone and their mom was at the grocery store stocking up on food as if there was no tomorrow. I’m thinking “what gives?! It’s not like you’re never ever going to leave your house again.” People left and right were buying massive amounts of eggs, bread, milk, water as if Armageddon was coming. Yes, there is a storm, but really, it’s expected only for a day or so. Are you planning on making french toast to live off for the next month or something?

I for one love it when it snows. Especially if you take advantage of it and go snowboarding (today would’ve been a great day to do so). I love watching the snow fall while curled up with a good book, a warm blankie, and a mug of hot cocoa (with Bailey’s or Kahlua).

Snow clean-up is another thing altogether. The plow comes and dumps all the snow into your driveway where you have to shovel it all to get your car out. You also have to shovel your front steps, the sidewalk, driveway, etc. Then all that snow will eventually melt and then get frozen. The snow will also get really dirty and it’ll be in your way. It’ll take a few weeks (even months sometimes) for it to eventually thaw out and disappear.

Here are some pics from the Blizzard of 2005:

I have to clean off my car and dig it out of the snow. Good thing my driveway is hardly 2-car lengths long!

View from the front of our house

Our backyard

Our backyard from a different angle

Today, I plan on digging the car out and then go to band practice in the afternoon. Actually, I jsut came back from shoveling. The hubs yelled at me and said he’d do it himself because he has his won system of doing it. Whatever.

I must say, looking at all the snow kinda makes you just want to stay in the whole day. I’m also planning on playing in the backyard and practice some tricks with my board!



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