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Girls Gone Wild! Operation: Bachelorette Party Lo…

31 March 2005

Girls Gone Wild!

Operation: Bachelorette Party
Location: Sunny Isles, Miami – North Miami Beach – South Beach

DAY 1: Four of us flew into Miami International Airport on Thursday night at about 9:30 in the evening. There was Rupal (the bride-to-be), Annie, Laurie, and yours truly. We stepped out of the airport and were quickly enveloped by the warm and humid Miami air. It was a far cry from the 35-degree weather we left in NYC. We waited at the shuttle stop for the Budget bus which took forever. Our clothes were sticking to us by the time the bus got there! Total waiting time: 30 minutes. However, it was smooth sailing after we got our car: a shiny, white Ford Explorer that seated 7 people. I drove us to my parents’ condo in Sunny Isles, FL (about 25 minutes from South Beach) where we were staying. We didn’t party that night, but we had a few stops along the way: Taco Bell – Pizza Hut – and Krispy Kreme to get our SNACK ON! Healthy food be damned! We were on vacation! So we munched on burritos, pizza, and donuts till 2 in the morning and went to bed.

DAY 2: The day doesn’t start without a Starbucks run. So we went to get coffee, then to the market to fill up on more snacks. We meant to buy only water but ended up with a full cart of food and drinks! We bought enough drinks and snacks to last us a week (most of which we hardly even touched)! Ever notice how grocery shopping is so much more fun when you’re with a group of friends? Afterwards, we chilled on the beach, had pina coladas by the pier, and then cooled off in the pool. I got a very lovely tan –nice and golden (although I would’ve liked to be even darker).

The beach
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The gorgeous bride-to-be!
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That night, we picked up 2 more girls at the airport: Alina (Laurie’s sister) and Sonal (Rupal’s sister). We went to dinner at Macaroni Grill where the waiter became smitten with our friend Annie. The waiter slashed our bill in half and we ended up being charged only $80 for a meal that would’ve been almost $200! The waiter even gave Annie a flower! Aw!

Afterwards, we went back home to get ready to party, and then drove off to South Beach. Getting ready was half the fun. Imagine 6 girls running around trying on hot outfits and putting-on make-up. By the time we strolled out of the condo, it was past midnight! We ended up at the Clevelander Hotel (although that wasn’t our original destination), and had a good time. The bride-to-be’s sister bought her some penis-straws and put it in almost every drink she had. We took lots of pictures with the penis straws. None to be posted here though. After about an hour or so at the Clevelander, we decided to go to somewhere swankier. We got directions from a guy who said it was only on 16th Street. As we were currently on 10th Street, we decided to walk. BIG MISTAKE. The blocks in Miami are not like the ones here in NYC. We ended walking about 10 blocks. 10 blocks is nothing if you got comfy shoes on –unfortunately, we were wearing heels and it was about 80 degrees that night. By the time we got to 16th Street, our feet were exploding in pain and we were all sweaty. We look like disheveled rats, not the hot babes we looked like an hour ago. Worst of all was that we couldn’t even find the place! We decided to go home at about 3 am.

Chicas Gone Wild! (l-r: Sonal, Alina, Rupal, Laurie, Me & Annie)
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DAY 3: Again, another Starbucks run, plus Cuban-food run. I luurve Cuban food. I certainly over-dosed on unhealthy, greasy, but yummy food while I was there. We chilled the whole day at the beach and the pool.

Getting some sun…
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Two sisters by the beach…
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Chilling in the hot tub…
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By the balcony…
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That night, we were determined to be more organized and got ready to leave at 7:30 pm. We went to Lincoln Road to walk around and find a cool spot for dinner. We ate at Cafeteria, and had some amazing drinks. The funny thing about this night was that a customer next to me yelled because she saw a water bug. Waterbugs are HUGE cockroaches –the kind I was terrified of in the Philippines. I screamed bloody murder and ran from the table like a madwoman. My friends all laughed and claimed I was making it up. I saw it I tell you! Afterwards, we had dessert at Ghirardelli’s.

At Cafeteria
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Hello Kitty!
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Then off we went to Prive –the hot spot of the night. Well, we ran into a bit of trouble at Prive. We got there at 10:30 pm so that we could get a table and enjoy the rest of the night. Alas, the folks who ran the show were extremely disorganized and had a mass of people waiting in the lines for more than an hour! After waiting elbow-to-elbow along with a hundred other equally cranky and pissed-off people, we decided to leave. Actually, the bride-to-be got really upset (the most I’ve ever seen her upset) and made the call to leave. But even in our most pissed-off mood, we are still a bunch of polite ladies.

US (to one of the bouncers): Your clubs sucks!
Well, go somewhere else then.
US: We are!!!

-talk about a witty comeback!

We ended up at Mansion Club and got our groove on there. Drinks, shots, dancing, rival bachelorette parties, dance-offs! Again, got home about 3 am.

Pics at Mansion
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DAY 4: HAPPY EASTER! I woke up early to go to church; then picked up the girls afterwards for brunch. We pigged out on Denny’s (nothing like greasy food after a night’s worth of drinking) and then went back to the condo to pack. Then we went off into the sunset. Adios Miami!

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I am back from sunny Miami and apparently, got tag…

29 March 2005

I am back from sunny Miami and apparently, got tagged by Tatang Retong while I was away.

You’re stuck inside Farenheit 451. What book do you want to be?

I haven’t actually read Fahrenheit 451. So I don’t know what kind of book I can be.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
Oh yeah! I remember having a crush on…

  • Gambit & Wolverine (of the X-Men)
  • Optimus Prime (yes, the leader of the Autobots)
  • Holden Caulfield (of Catcher fame)
  • Peter Parker (aka Spiderman)

The last book you bought is…
The Amulet of Samarkand: The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 1

Five books you would take to a deserted island:

What are you currently reading?

Who are you going to pass this stick to and why?

Ton. Because he has written about love.
Girlie. Because we share books as well as clothes.
Batjay. Because he is hilarious.

The report on Miami is on its way.


Random Musings, etc…. Why do you have so much cr…

23 March 2005

Random Musings, etc….

  • Why do you have so much crap to do at work right before you leave for holiday? It’s always the case! And of course, your ‘to-do pile’ doubles when you get back…
  • This weekend, I’ll be wearing a bikini again for the first time since August 2004. I still have my winter weight on! Ye gods!! And of course, I feel fat and bloated and PMS-y.
  • Last night, I had dinner with the judge I clerked with 2 years ago along with all his former law clerks. It was great! I was initially not going to go since I was soo tired, but hey, the prospect of a free dinner outweighed the sleepiness and laziness in me. It was great to catch up with my old boss and meet his old clerks. It’s also very interesting how diverse people’s paths are after clerking. For example, one of his old clerks no longer practices law and is instead, one of the managers for Human Resources at Goldman Sachs. Another law clerk is a speaker on the issue of drunk driving across the nation –he gets paid honorariums to speak at different venues across the country. He’s very passionate about this issue because he was hit by a drunk driver during college, suffered severe brain injuries and was actually in a coma for almost a year! But he persevered and lo and behold, is now a very successful speaker/lawyer. Aside from moi, there was also another clerk who ended up as a prosecutor. It’s just cool to see where people end up.
  • I am so hungry all of the time. I’m such a big eater, it’s almost obscene. On any given day, I eat upwards of 2,500 calories which is waay too much considering I’m such a short, stubby person. Ick. I disgust myself. I am craving chocolate like a fiend….*sigh*
  • I just read my friend’s Girlie’s account of her trip to Orlando. The hubs was a bit jealous! He’s a big golfer and would have loved to be there! Last year alone, he went golfing almost every weekend in the spring, summer, and fall. (Which is why some of the home improvements went by so slowly…hee-hee).
  • I think that’s it. Gotta go home and do more work! See! I actually have to bring work home tonight just to finish it…and only because I’m going on holiday tomorrow!

Girls Gone Wild!! I’m off to sunny Miami tomorrow…

23 March 2005

Girls Gone Wild!!

I’m off to sunny Miami tomorrow! I’m flying down there along with 5 other girlfriends for a bachelorette party. My friend Rupal is getting married and we’ll be showing her a good time down there. I can’t wait to go! Right now, it’s a sunny 80+ degrees in Miami, and at the moment, it is snowing here in NJ. The sun will be a welcome change!

Pictures to be posted when I get back.


Confessions of a Chocoholic I gave up chocolate f…

21 March 2005

Confessions of a Chocoholic

I gave up chocolate for Lent. This is the first Lent that where it’s been more than a week and I haven’t cheated. Chocolate is a big part of my life. I eat it everyday. Not just almost everyday. I mean EVERYDAY. Some of my favorite chocolate treats are:

  • Godiva’s Roasted Almond Truffles
  • Neuhaus’ Chocolate Pralines
  • Lindt’s Truffles
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Chocolate-covered Marzipans
  • Anything involving chocolates, hazelnut cream, praline, almonds.
  • My mom’s peanut butter hot chocolate made with Antonio Pueo chocolate.
  • Homemade hot chocolate made with Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mix
  • Forbidden Chocolate ice cream from Friendly’s with Peanut Butter Topping

And the list goes on…

As for desserts at any restaurants, I am always partial to anything with chocolate. I’m especially fond of the Chocolate Tasting Platter at Aquagrill; Hazelnut Mousse from Café Lalo (which I can actually have because there is no chocolate in it); Chocolate Thunder from Down Under from Outback; Mud Pie Mojo from Cold Stone Creamery; Chocolate Mud Pie from any restaurant; Hot Fudge Sundae’s…. the list goes on and on.

Man. I’m drooling. I would so love a Frozen Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate from Seredipity’s right about now. Oh, and a Java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks. Or an Iced Mocha. Or a hot Mocha for that matter.

The first thing I’ll have on Easter Sunday is Starbucks’ new Chantico –a 6 oz. cup of chocolatey goodness. Cannot wait to try it! Cannot wait to have it! *drool* :P~~~

Oooooh, chocolate! I miss you so much! Only 6 more days to go!


Blurbs of the Day New Hotness: We finally got a n…

17 March 2005

Blurbs of the Day

New Hotness: We finally got a new fridge! I call it the New Hotness. It’s a stainless steel fridge by Frigidaire. It’s got 21 cubic feet and it rocks! You have no idea how happy I am with the new fridge. Our old fridge was a relic from the 80’s (it came with the house and we had no money at the time to buy a new one right away). Old-and-busted fridge was old and small (as in about 5’6 feet tall tops). Old-and-busted fridge only had one shelf in it and the freezer was so small I could only put 3 frozen entrees in there. Plus, the freezer wasn’t working properly so if you put ice cream in there, it would just melt. New hotness is a normal size fridge with a lot of cool features. It’s not a side-by-side opening style, but I love it nonetheless. Who knew an appliance can make your day?

St. Patrick’s Day: Today is St. Paddy’s Day! It’s a semi-holiday that’s gained some popularity, especially here in the East Coast. Read about the history behind it here. It’s especially big with the Irish community. We have a spread here at work with brownies, cupcakes, cheesecake, cake, etc. all decorated with green food coloring. I am currently eating a green cupcake and a mini green cheesecake for breakfast. No joke. And they are delicious. Fattening yes, but still yummy. Good thing I went to the gym yesterday.

Spoiled Brat Alert: I’m so lucky that my parents are uber-generous and basically get whatever my brothers and I want (most of the time). I’m not a spoiled brat in the sense that I’ll throw a tantrum and stuff if I don’t get something (maybe when I was little, but certainly not after I was 7 yrs. old!), but I can be quite moody if something doesn’t quite go my way. For example, my mom and dad recently came back from a trip to Paris. Of course they asked for what we want as pasalubongs. I’m a big Gucci fan and I asked for a Gucci Fanny Pack (or Waist Pouch, if you prefer the more ‘elegant’ term). Well, my mom got me the wrong style and I was just so, so, so disappointed. I pouted and acted like a brat and complained half-heartedly. It wasn’t like I didn’t appreciate it. Don’t get me wrong, of course I loved the thoughtfulness. But to me, it seemed like a waste of money to buy something that wasn’t quite what I asked for, you know what I mean? To me, I’d rather they didn’t get it. In any case, I got over it and am now using the one my parents got me. Bratty huh? Well, just to add to the story: my mom got my brother’s girlfriend the new Louis Vuitton Cerises Pochette as a pasalubong from Paris as well. Basically, it’s the new design by Murakami –cute red cherries with faces on them plastered on the LV monogram. I’m not a big LV fan, but I am a big Murakami fan. So I bugged my mom passively (I am passive-aggressive when it comes to my parents) and basically commented as to why I didn’t get one as well (knowing that my mom knows I’m not a big LV fan). There is a long waiting list for them here in the U.S. (although by now, I think it’s already available). Long story short: she had the concierge of the hotel they stayed go get me and her LV bags as a surprise and had them Fed-Ex it to us. So now, I have the new LV Cerises Pochette as well (she has the Speedy 25 model). What a nice mom, huh? And trust me, I appreciate it.

Let’s Talk about S-E-X: I went shopping with my mom this past Sunday along with the hubs. She drove her car; I was in the front passenger seat and the hubs was in the backseat. She starts talking about how she’s worried that my 20-year old brother and his 23-year old girlfriend are in Miami (staying in our folks’ condo) on holiday together with their friends. She starts saying things like “well they are alone together and they might get tempted” and “how can her mom let her go like that?” Talk about double-standard, I thought wryly. Basically, she expressed concern about how she thinks they are doing it and that she hopes they are careful. Then she starts telling us a story about how her friend’s son got this chick pregnant and now their lives are ruined. I turned to my hubs and give him a look. He gives me a look back. She talks some more about how she hopes they are not having sex and that they he is young. Then at the end of her spiel about S-E-X and all that, she tells me to e-mail my brother and ask him if he’s having sex and to lecture him about it! Naku! As if. I say “why me?! Why don’t you do it?” And she tells me it’s because he listens to me, and if it came from her he might get mad, etc. Then she asks the hubs if his parents ever gave him “the sex talk.” Mind you, my own parents have not given me the sex talk. Anyway, when we got out of the car and into the mall, the hubs and I burst out laughing at the whole scenario. It’s interesting how my parents use me as this conduit for communicating with my younger brothers. They are always complaining to me about how they don’t do this, or how they don’t do that. In the meantime, I’m always saying to put their foot down and just tell them to do something. How hard is it? They did it with me and were super-strict with me being the eldest kid. When I was in high school, I couldn’t even go to the movies without asking for permission 2 weeks in advance, let alone stay over a girlfriend’s house! I was too scared to even argue most of the time. It’s sometimes exasperating how they turn to me for advice as to how to control my brothers, when they had such a strict hold over me (and still do!). It’s sort of amusing now that I’m older and have my own life, but it still irks me how there is such a double-standard when it comes to raising a daughter versus a son.


Baby Shower Fiesta This past Saturday, my friend …

14 March 2005

Baby Shower Fiesta

This past Saturday, my friend Girlie and I hosted a baby shower for our friends Trish and Rol in my home. They’re expecting their first baby into the world on April 11 (which is really anyday now). Trish is the first of the five locas to become a mom!

We had tons of food and had about 25+ guests. We had a Filipino-Latino food theme going. Our featured dishes were: pancit, lumpia, chuletas (pork chops), maduros (fried sweet plantains), seafood paella, chicken and shrimp fajitas, and Filipino-style spaghetti. We also had leche flan, mini egg custards, sans rival, and delicious treats from Viniero’ Bakeshop for dessert. Needless to say, there were a lot of leftovers at the end of the night (but the desserts were all gone!). I thought the party was a success! A lot of Trish & Rol’s family and friends were able to make it from Virginia. We also had some friends over whom we haven’t seen in a while. And it wasn’t an all-ladies baby shower.

I thought the best part of the day was the opening of the presents! I luurve presents, so it was kind of like getting presents vicariously through Trish & Rol. Well, not really. Obviously the presents were for the little bebe, but it was fun to watch them open it all. It certainly made me want to have my own shower (for the gift factor alone)! But when I have my own baby shower, I will register for gifts for moi! (And a few for the baby, I guess =P) My registry will include a facial from Bliss; a box of chocolate cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery; gift certificates for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Guitar Center; and gift cards from Target (for the baby, of course!). I love that store! But I digress… So the party started at 2 pm promptly and went well into 8 pm (when the last guests left). Trish and Rol left with bags and bags of the cutest presents.

Towards the end of the night, we of course played a game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Girlie won the $40 dollar pot. Lucky! I was out by the 8th hand. There’s nothing like a round of Texas Hold ‘Em during a baby shower! =)

Best wishes to the soon-to-be parents!

Fiesta Picture
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Another Fiesta Picture
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The Five Locas Reunited Again! Ole!
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