You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round I got pi…

7 March 2005

You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round

I got pissed-arse drunk this past Saturday. I drank waaay more than I usually do and of course, got wasted. I haven’t felt this drunk in ages. We’re talking throwing up in the toilet and promising “I’m never drinking again” kind of drunk. Let’s see, here’s the rundown:

  • went out to dinner with my friends Girlie, Luke, Steve, my friend Florence and her friend Renee
  • went to Bob’s afterwards for drinks and dancing (Florence & Renee couldn’t make it). Bob’s is a lounge that is extremely popular and extremely small (we’re talking a room about 15×20 big). So we danced our arses off to hip-hop, sweated like pigs, and jabbed elbows into other people. While there, I polished off about 3 gin-and-tonics and 3 tequila shots with Girlie and Steve. I have no idea whose idea it was to down tequila shots. Although Steve kept insisting “please drink with me! I’ve had a rough week” in his Aussie accent. I’m a sucker for guys with accents.
  • Girlie and Steve had a lap dance contest to see who could shake their ass better. It’s a tie. Then again, I was quite buzzed. All I remember is that there was this cool chick with long blonde hair with amazing dance moves. I remember telling Steve that I was in love with her cuz she was just dope. I’m a sucker for anyone who can pop-lock.
  • then we went to People Lounge around 1:30 am and proceeded to down 2 more shots (vodka Lemondrops) and another gin-and-tonic. I remember having difficulting holding my balance in the bathroom.
  • my count may be off, but by drink 4 I should’ve stopped. I have a 3-drink maximum in general. I don’t know who the hell I thought I was, but I just drank whatever was offered Thanks Steve! *glare* It was peer pressure I tell you!
  • But poor Girlie, she was the most affected by all the drinking. We left People to go to Café Lalo’s for dessert, but along the way, she asked Luke (our designated driver who doesn’t drink) to stop by at every other block so she can throw up. She’d open the car door while we weren’t quite yet fully stopped and Luke would be yelling “close the door! Traffic’s moving!”
  • Well, after the 5th time we stopped, we figured we would never reach Lalo’s, so we head to Steve’s apartment. At a stoplight, Girlie once again had to throw up; Steve in the meantime had to pee really badly. Actually, we both had to pee like crazy and we were holding hands in the back like schoolgirls chanting “we can hold it!” in the backseat. But he wimped out and climbed out of Girlie’s moon roof so he can run to his apartment cuz he just couldn’t wait.
  • We get to Steve’s apt moments later and Luke had to carry Girlie upstairs.
  • We parked Girlie in the bathroom where she proceeded to lie down on the floor by the shower puking and yelling “just let me lie here! Please Luke!”
    Girlie: Luke, please, I need to throw up.
    Luke: Okay, just throw up.
    Girlie: Please, just let me lie down. Please just let me lie down.
    Luke: You are lying down.
    Girlie: But I just want to lie down!
    Luke: Girlie, you are lying down.
  • Afterwards, Luke picked her up, put her on Steve’s bed; she lies down; then gets ups, crawls to the floor, and pukes a bit. At this point, I just feel so bad for her!
  • Luke picks up Girlie, parks her again in the bathroom.
  • Meanwhile, Steve and I are trying to play guitar drunk and trying to have a conversation about who knows what. Again, what was I thinking? The room is spinning and I can hardly hold the guitar much less play it. Then Luke announces we are ready to go home; we all leave Steve then get in the car where Girlie passes out.
  • I slump in the backseat, the world spins around me. I’m still conscious though because I remember Luke taking the wrong exit or something so we take an extra 15 minutes to get home.
  • I go home; brush my teeth; drink 2 glasses of water; throw up one of them; and then climb into bed. The hubs proceeds to mumble: “you smell like a homeless person.” And I say, Girlie spilled tequila on me.” And fall asleep.
  • I wake up at 10 am because of a banging headache; I tell the hubs to wake me up at 10 am; and he says “it is 10 am.” At this point, my head is just pounding like crazy and I can’t go back to sleep. I take a shower cuz I reek of tequila (cuz I’m still wearing the same shirt from the night before), try to eat, and then puke moments later. I park myself on the couch where I remain for the next 10 hours.
  • Girlie calls me around 11 am to ask if she threw up on me and what happened. For the record, she did not throw up on me. I tell her what happened and tell her to go back to sleep.
  • I spend the rest of Sunday nursing the horrific hangover. Of course, I feel like crap and death warmed over. I will never drink again. Getting over a hangover is the sickest feeling ever. I totally wasted my whole Sunday.

Shout-out to Luke for babysitting the 3 Stooges.


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