Blurbs of the Day New Hotness: We finally got a n…

17 March 2005

Blurbs of the Day

New Hotness: We finally got a new fridge! I call it the New Hotness. It’s a stainless steel fridge by Frigidaire. It’s got 21 cubic feet and it rocks! You have no idea how happy I am with the new fridge. Our old fridge was a relic from the 80’s (it came with the house and we had no money at the time to buy a new one right away). Old-and-busted fridge was old and small (as in about 5’6 feet tall tops). Old-and-busted fridge only had one shelf in it and the freezer was so small I could only put 3 frozen entrees in there. Plus, the freezer wasn’t working properly so if you put ice cream in there, it would just melt. New hotness is a normal size fridge with a lot of cool features. It’s not a side-by-side opening style, but I love it nonetheless. Who knew an appliance can make your day?

St. Patrick’s Day: Today is St. Paddy’s Day! It’s a semi-holiday that’s gained some popularity, especially here in the East Coast. Read about the history behind it here. It’s especially big with the Irish community. We have a spread here at work with brownies, cupcakes, cheesecake, cake, etc. all decorated with green food coloring. I am currently eating a green cupcake and a mini green cheesecake for breakfast. No joke. And they are delicious. Fattening yes, but still yummy. Good thing I went to the gym yesterday.

Spoiled Brat Alert: I’m so lucky that my parents are uber-generous and basically get whatever my brothers and I want (most of the time). I’m not a spoiled brat in the sense that I’ll throw a tantrum and stuff if I don’t get something (maybe when I was little, but certainly not after I was 7 yrs. old!), but I can be quite moody if something doesn’t quite go my way. For example, my mom and dad recently came back from a trip to Paris. Of course they asked for what we want as pasalubongs. I’m a big Gucci fan and I asked for a Gucci Fanny Pack (or Waist Pouch, if you prefer the more ‘elegant’ term). Well, my mom got me the wrong style and I was just so, so, so disappointed. I pouted and acted like a brat and complained half-heartedly. It wasn’t like I didn’t appreciate it. Don’t get me wrong, of course I loved the thoughtfulness. But to me, it seemed like a waste of money to buy something that wasn’t quite what I asked for, you know what I mean? To me, I’d rather they didn’t get it. In any case, I got over it and am now using the one my parents got me. Bratty huh? Well, just to add to the story: my mom got my brother’s girlfriend the new Louis Vuitton Cerises Pochette as a pasalubong from Paris as well. Basically, it’s the new design by Murakami –cute red cherries with faces on them plastered on the LV monogram. I’m not a big LV fan, but I am a big Murakami fan. So I bugged my mom passively (I am passive-aggressive when it comes to my parents) and basically commented as to why I didn’t get one as well (knowing that my mom knows I’m not a big LV fan). There is a long waiting list for them here in the U.S. (although by now, I think it’s already available). Long story short: she had the concierge of the hotel they stayed go get me and her LV bags as a surprise and had them Fed-Ex it to us. So now, I have the new LV Cerises Pochette as well (she has the Speedy 25 model). What a nice mom, huh? And trust me, I appreciate it.

Let’s Talk about S-E-X: I went shopping with my mom this past Sunday along with the hubs. She drove her car; I was in the front passenger seat and the hubs was in the backseat. She starts talking about how she’s worried that my 20-year old brother and his 23-year old girlfriend are in Miami (staying in our folks’ condo) on holiday together with their friends. She starts saying things like “well they are alone together and they might get tempted” and “how can her mom let her go like that?” Talk about double-standard, I thought wryly. Basically, she expressed concern about how she thinks they are doing it and that she hopes they are careful. Then she starts telling us a story about how her friend’s son got this chick pregnant and now their lives are ruined. I turned to my hubs and give him a look. He gives me a look back. She talks some more about how she hopes they are not having sex and that they he is young. Then at the end of her spiel about S-E-X and all that, she tells me to e-mail my brother and ask him if he’s having sex and to lecture him about it! Naku! As if. I say “why me?! Why don’t you do it?” And she tells me it’s because he listens to me, and if it came from her he might get mad, etc. Then she asks the hubs if his parents ever gave him “the sex talk.” Mind you, my own parents have not given me the sex talk. Anyway, when we got out of the car and into the mall, the hubs and I burst out laughing at the whole scenario. It’s interesting how my parents use me as this conduit for communicating with my younger brothers. They are always complaining to me about how they don’t do this, or how they don’t do that. In the meantime, I’m always saying to put their foot down and just tell them to do something. How hard is it? They did it with me and were super-strict with me being the eldest kid. When I was in high school, I couldn’t even go to the movies without asking for permission 2 weeks in advance, let alone stay over a girlfriend’s house! I was too scared to even argue most of the time. It’s sometimes exasperating how they turn to me for advice as to how to control my brothers, when they had such a strict hold over me (and still do!). It’s sort of amusing now that I’m older and have my own life, but it still irks me how there is such a double-standard when it comes to raising a daughter versus a son.


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