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Hasta Luego! Ya me voy! I’m off to sunny Miami to…

27 May 2005

Hasta Luego!

Ya me voy! I’m off to sunny Miami today! I’m leaving right after work to enjoy a nice, relaxing holiday with the hubs and friends. See you all in a few days!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Song of the Day:

Waiting Room by Fugazi
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The Past Five Days I normally don’t have jam-pack…

24 May 2005

The Past Five Days

I normally don’t have jam-packed weekends despite being a ‘rockstar’ and all, but this past weekend was excellent!

-I took a vacation day and worked on our bathroom. I basically primed the bathroom so that I’ll be ready to paint them come next weekend. The bathroom is not by any means huge, but it took me a couple of hours to do because the painting is mostly on the ceiling and I had to move around a lot.

-that night, I went out for drinks at Bob’s to celebrate a friend getting sworn in to the NJ Bar. Met up with my friend Steve and his new friend Aex. Suffice it to say, Alex was a bit keen on me and was ‘all up in my business.’ He just moved to NYC from Chicago and we chatted for a bit. We also danced a lot and he kept talking to me. I just found it amusing. I beckoned to Steve “Hey! Doesn’t your friend know that I’m married?” Steve laughed and said he’d talk to him. Well I didn’t want to seem bitchy nor did I want to make a big deal out of it. Like I said, I found it more amusing than anything else. So we danced and that was that. I told Steve, “well if he thinks I’m cute, wait till he meets Girlie!” I told the hubs about him and described how he flirted with me the whole night. Then I told the hubs that Alex would be at the party that we were going to next night. I jokingly told the hubs to tell Alex to step down. The hubs just laughed and said “finally! Someone else can take you off my hands! “ Sweet, huh? Still it’s nice to know that someone else find you fairly attractive and not old and busted.

-went to a bridal shower in Tribeca for my friend Rupal (who is getting married in early June). The shower was hosted by her sister Sonal and held in the apartment of Sonal’s boyfriend Dave. Dave is British. (I just want to add that). And can I just say, his flat is amazing!! It’s a 3-story flat complete with an outdoor deck where you can BBQ! The shower was held on the deck; Sonal and friends decorated it quite wonderfully with beautiful flowers and ethnic accents. But more on the flat. I’m gushing about it because it’s just hotness! It’s huge with high ceilings, wooden floors, a spiral staircase, and 2.5 baths! One floor was set especially for their bedroom. The second floor is the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The top floor is their recreational/study area complete with a pool table! Dave is into art so he had actual art pieces all over the house (as opposed to the prints I get from IKEA). The shower was fun and the girls and I felt like we were on someone’s porch out in the Hamptons. All we needed was pool!

-that night, the hubs and I went out to a friend’s graduation party at this joint called Stay. We met up with Steve again, and his friend Alex. The same Alex who hit on me the night before. Lo and behold, the hubs and Alex chatted for a looong time and hit it off! Later that evening Alex was soo cute and said “I just want to apologize for being so forward with you the other day.” Aw! How sweet? After that, we had a good laugh and even planned to play a prank on Steve. Heheh.. But we didn’t. It was all good. I must say, Alex will now be a regular fixture when we all hang-out.

-went to meet up with my friends Rupal and Annie in Edison, NJ (which is about 45 minutes away from me). We met in the heart of what seemed like little India. Roops (as we like to call her) went to Sheetal, this amazing store to try out her wedding saris. Sheetal is supposed to be ‘up there’ (e.g., think Barney’s of India). She looked so gorgeous. She tried on a slew of saris along with the traditional headgear and jewelry. Roops’ parents were there as well. Annie and I tagged along so that we can check out the merchandise. Annie ended up buying a salwar kameez type of set (top and pants) and a sheer poncho-like blouse. I ended up buying some bangles and a poncho as well. Before going home, I stopped to buy some Indian food (I luuuurve Indian food) and a mango lassi. Yum!

-that night, I went out to dinner with the Five Locas. We tried out this new joint called Lure Fishbar and had a fabulous dinner. Check out Girlie’s blog for the pic (as the batteries in my camera died).

-went out for my cousin Zooey’s “Sweet 16” Party at the Leopard Lounge (part of Sin Sin Lounge). Fun times! The theme was “think pink” so I wore black. Okay, I wore a black shirt with a hot pink tank underneath as well as my hot pink heels. I went out with Steve and A again (for like, the 3rd time in a row almost!). I left the party early, but Steve and A apparently closed down the fort!

My cousin Zooey and I
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Steve –the Life of the Party
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Z and Friends
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Steve and Z
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The Cousins
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Moi and the infamous Alex
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Song of the Day:
Oh My God by Kaiser Chiefs
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52 Days to Go The inevitable is coming: my 29th b…

17 May 2005

52 Days to Go

The inevitable is coming: my 29th birthday. It’s the last year where I can say I’m in my twenties. It’s not so much that I feel old (although I do). It’s more like I’m leaving something behind. 29 just seems like an odd age. If you say you’re 29, it’s almost as if you’re lying and not ready to admit that you’re really 30. The person asking will be thinking, “Yeah right! Sure you’re 29! You’re a 30-year-old who just can’t admit it!”

Well they do say ‘30’ is the new ‘20.’ So it’s more like I’m turning 19, right? Shites. I am old. Boo. I guess I should pop out a kid now. I don’t want my first baby when I’m thirty-something. I don’t want to be an old mom, but I can’t quite give up the rockstar life right now. Not that I am a rockstar. Well, in my head, I am one. =) I can certainly be a rockstar mom though, right?

The good thing about turning older is that you get birthday gifts! I love getting presents (especially impromptu ones)! On your birthday, you have the liberty to create a wish list without seeming like a complete moocher (or so I like to think). Here’s my birthday wishlist. I’ve also taken the liberty of posting key wishlist items on the column on the right.

Click here for my birthday wishlist.

I’m not having a party this year. I’ll be on a cruise with my family during my birthday (going on holiday is a great way to celebrate your birthday). For my 30th birthday, however, I think I’ll throw a huge-ass shindig complete with open bar, hot chicks dancing in tiny bikinis, massive amounts of good food, a rock band destroying their instruments, and all my friends. It’ll be a raging party! Okay, that’s just wishful thinking on my part. In reality, I’m more of a low-key celebration-type-girl. But I will celebrate my 30th in some way, shape or form.

15 Days to Go

June 1st will be our 4th wedding anniversary. Time flies when you are having fun. To celebrate, we are going to Miami, Florida with a few of our friends for Memorial Day weekend. We’ll be there from May 27th-31st as an early celebration. For the fourth wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is flowers, and the modern anniversary gift is linen/silk. I told the hubs I’d like some flowers delivered to me at some point in time (although I would like it even more if I got flowers without having to ask! *ahem*).

Today is my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. The traditional anniversary gift is pearls, and the modern anniversary gift is diamonds! I am certainly looking forward to getting some bling-bling!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Song of the Day:

Tyrant by The Bravery
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Saturday Night Fever I had an excellent Saturday …

15 May 2005
Saturday Night Fever

I had an excellent Saturday night out on the town. Actually, the festivities started on Thursday night. Girlie organized a surprise birthday party for our friend Steve (an Aussie transplant). She made dinner for all of us which consisted of: Chilean Sea Bass; Spicy Porkchops; Fennel Salad; Mashed Sweet Potatoes; Green Beans Almondine; and Creme Brulee for dessert. She’s an amazing cook folks, and her parties are always spectacular. Click here for Girlie’s account of the fiesta (and pictures as well). Here are some of my pics from Thursday:
Me, Girlie, Ray, Ed, Steve, and Riss

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Top L-R: Mike, George, and Trish (with Baby Alex)
Middle L-R: Ray, Steve, Me, and Rol
Bottom L-R: Girlie, Luke, Riss, Mark, and Ed
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On Saturday, the gang went out to dinner and then out for drinks and dancing. We had some very interesting pictures, to say the least. Here are a few not-so-scandalous ones:

Dinner at Vatan (L-R: Girlie, Ray, Ed, Steve, Luke, and moi in the back).
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Drinks and Dancing at People Lounge
Striking a Pose
Image hosted by
Come Here Often?
Image hosted by
Get into the Groove
Image hosted by
Dance USA
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Who Sharted?
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And lastly….HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY STEVE!!

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?: A rambling post wit…

11 May 2005

Should I Stay or Should I Go?: A rambling post with QUESTIONS for the readers.

Question 1: Should I get another tattoo? More specifically, I know I am getting 2 more tattoos. One will definitely be on my right wrist. I’m thinking of getting the other one on my arm (shoulder area). I’m just worried that it’ll be too much if I put it there. My folks already think I have too many tats. My only worry is that if I get it on my arm, it’ll draw attention to its’ flabbiness, plus it’ll force me to wear a suit jacket at all times during work hours. The tattoo on my arm would be one of a phoenix in black. Not sure yet how big I want it.

Tat on my arm? The alternative is to put one on my lower back (right under an already existing tattoo). Tat on arm or back?

Question 2: What does OPM mean? Original Pinoy Music? My cousins want to send me some OPM stuff and I wasn’t quite sure what it meant. Someone please clarify. Also, what are some good, alternative rock bands in the Philippines that I should try?

Question 3: What does the term ‘jologs’ mean? I was watching this tagalog talk show on cable and they talking about jologs na pagkain (i.e., adidas, some fried bulaklak-like thing on a stick; etc); jologs na damit (i.e., some t-shirt and acid wash jeans) among other things. I’m taking it to mean “throwback” or “retro” or something to that effect. Again, someone please clarify.

Question 4: Is it too late to be reunited with a former flame? A friend of mine thinks that she’s still in love with an ex. They haven’t been together in years (as in 6 years, I think). They are both in their own respective relationships. Lately, she’s been thinking of the past and how she thinks she should’ve stuck by him. I think it’s too late. Unless he feels the same way. And why rock the boat right? Any thoughts?

Question 5: Should I shell out $600+ to go to a music festival that I KNOW WILL BE KICK-ASS!! Thing is, it’s in Austin, Texas. It’s called the Austin City Limits Festival –a three-day music fest that features a slew of bands that I really dig. I know it’ll be a fantastic experience! However, going would require me to purchase 1) tickets to the concert (about $110 for a 3-day festival = not bad since there will be over 100 bands); 2) air fare tickets (about $400 after a quick on-line search…ouch!); and 3) a hotel: who knows if there’s still cheap-o motels available at this point? Plus, I’d really like a friend to come with me and I don’t anyone who’d be willing to shell out that much dough for me (although I’d offer to pay for the hotel).

Song of the Day:

One Hundred Years by The Cure

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Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day! Friday was…

6 May 2005

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day!

Friday was my mother’s 53rd birthday. Here’s a picture we took together in 2001. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Image hosted by

My mom is very fashionable. I remember when I was little (still in grade school), she got 2 additional ear piercings on each ear. Back then, it was only common to have one piercing on each ear! She would always drag me shopping to buy my the latests frocks and funky outfits. Of course back then, I did not appreciate clothing or shopping for that matter. I hated wearing dresses and gave her the hardest time when she dressed me up. Now, of course, it’s me who drags her shopping. From her, I’ve learned the importance of dressing professionally, being well-groomed, looking put-together, and doing it all without needing to buy expensive things.

My mom is very kind, lively, friendly, out-going, and always the life of the party. I think some of my friends like hanging out with her more than me! She can strike up a conversation with virtually anyone and end up making a new friend. I, on the other hand, am more quiet and reserved (like my dad). We’re fine with her running the show. She’s a great hostess and a great entertainer. She certainly loves to sing! When we were still living in the Philippines, our house was broken into and the only thing they stole was my mom’s “minus-one” (aka karaoke machine). My uncle joked “Siguro, ninakaw nila dahil hindi nila ma-stand yung boses mo!”

My mom has also instilled in us kids the importance of being generous. She has always encouraged us to give to others who are less fortunate. She’s also kept our extended family together even though we are all in different parts of the world.

Thanks mom, for always being there for me and the family! I truly appreciate everything that you do.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there!


Musings on The Month of May I’ve always thought o…

4 May 2005

Musings on The Month of May

I’ve always thought of May as my mom’s month. Her birthday is on May 6, Mother’s Day is usually around the corner from that, and my parents’ wedding anniversary is on May 17th. (Incidentally, my mom-in-law’s birthday was on May 1st). This year, my mom turns 53. My parents will be celebrating 30 years of marriage. I’m treating them to dinner and brunch. We are also going on a family cruise to celebrate.

My mom was diagnosed with ‘Type 2’ diabetes a few weeks ago. It was hardly a suprise to her since her doctor warned her last year that she was “borderline diabetic.” He told her to watch her diet, start exercising, and to stay away from sugar and non-complex carbs. Well she did watch her diet; she started taking 1-hour walks with my dad early in the morning before work; and she stopped eating rice with most of her meals. She doesn’t eat junk foods like I do, and her only real ‘vice’ is soda –which she has stopped drinking a long time ago. Unfortunately, her doctor advised her that she officially has Type 2 diabetes. Aside from my mom, diabetes doesn’t really run in our family. Her diagnoses shows that what you eat and your lifestyle really will affect you. She also has a high cholesterol level (which I apparently got from her) that she is successfully trying to decrease, and she’s working on trying to get more exercise. She’s advised me to watch my chocolate intake and other fun stuff. The doctor gave her medication and she’s doing fine.

I’m just plain worried though. My mom is the rock of the family and I really don’t know what I would do if anything happened to her. I really hope she takes care of herself. I know diabetes is not the world’s biggest deal in contrast to other diseases, but it’s a disease nonetheless. It affects her and it affects the whole family. I just hope she is careful.

Other News from the Homefront

  • Houston, we have a problem: We have a leak in the house. Specifically, the leak is somewhere behind the shower wall. The hubs and I think the pipe burst or there’s some sort of hole in it. Fixing it would require a plumber to tear down the shower wall to get to the pipe, then putting the shower wall back in place. Right now, we can’t leave the water on at all. We close the main water valve and only open the valve on a ‘per-use basis’ which basically sucks. I can’t just turn on the water to the dishes or wash my hands. We literally have to go to the basement, turn on the water, use it, then go back and turn off the valve. We’ve been living with it for about 2 weeks now and are in the process of getting estimates. So far, we think it’ll be over $2K to fix. Ye gods.
  • The Thin Envelope: My dad got the dreaded “thin envelope” in the mail. He applied to Columbia and Yale for his LL.M degree this past winter and just got word from them that they were not going to accept him. He was quite sad, my mom said. I’m very disappointed for him. My dad wants to pursue an LL.M because one of his retirement goals is to go back to the Philippines and teach law in some sort of capacity. He thinks an LL.M would be helpful in obtaining that goal. His other plan is to start working again with his former boss and be of-counsel to his company. In fact, he just had dinner with them less than a month ago to chat about old times and talk shop. Right now, my dad has his own practice specializing in personal injury and immigration. He used to be a corporate attorney in the Philippines and I think he misses that kind of action (i.e., complex litigation, M&A’s, etc.). I think he wants some sort of intellectual stimulation again. I thought for sure that he would get in. My dad is brilliant. He’s the kind of attorney I can only hope to be. He had scholarships for both Ateneo (undergrad) and U.P. Law. and worked with the top firms of the Philippines. Perhaps he just wasn’t mean to go this year.
  • And the band plays on: My bandmate Jesica (singer and rhythm guitarist of the band) is sick. As in she’s in the hospital sick. She was admitted to the hospital last Friday (April 22nd) and will continue to be there until early next week. So far, the doctors told her that she has a viral infection that cannot be beat with antibiotics alone. They kept her in there because she is severely dehydrated; is constantly dizzy and nauseated; cannot eat; and has a running fever. She’s a trooper though. She wants the band to practice in the hospital! She’s been asking her mom to bring her guitar. The doctors were not amused when brought up the idea of giving a free rock concert in the middle of the ward. Hahaha.
  • Controller.Controller: Saw the band Controller.Controller last Saturday at the Bowery Ballroom. They opened up for another band called ‘Death From Above 1979’ who I don’t really dig. Controller.Controller was amazing! They had a lot of energy and kept the crowd fully engaged throughout their short set. At the beginning, they announced that they had just lost their guitarist (as in I think he quit) and their van broken into 2 days ago. So they were quite apologetic for the little bit of disorganization. They borrowed the guitarist from the previous opener ‘Uncut’. Mid-way, they also had to borrow a snare drum because theirs busted. Even with all the funky things going on, they played a very tight set. Funny thing was that my friend and I just bought some shirts at the merchandise booth. A very nice woman sold us the shirts. To our surprise, the very same woman went up on stage. Apparently, she was the singer of Controller.Controller and we didn’t even recognize her! Talk about your faux-pas! But we are fans of the band! Really!

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Song of the Day:
Like Eating Glass by Bloc Party
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