Should I Stay or Should I Go?: A rambling post wit…

11 May 2005

Should I Stay or Should I Go?: A rambling post with QUESTIONS for the readers.

Question 1: Should I get another tattoo? More specifically, I know I am getting 2 more tattoos. One will definitely be on my right wrist. I’m thinking of getting the other one on my arm (shoulder area). I’m just worried that it’ll be too much if I put it there. My folks already think I have too many tats. My only worry is that if I get it on my arm, it’ll draw attention to its’ flabbiness, plus it’ll force me to wear a suit jacket at all times during work hours. The tattoo on my arm would be one of a phoenix in black. Not sure yet how big I want it.

Tat on my arm? The alternative is to put one on my lower back (right under an already existing tattoo). Tat on arm or back?

Question 2: What does OPM mean? Original Pinoy Music? My cousins want to send me some OPM stuff and I wasn’t quite sure what it meant. Someone please clarify. Also, what are some good, alternative rock bands in the Philippines that I should try?

Question 3: What does the term ‘jologs’ mean? I was watching this tagalog talk show on cable and they talking about jologs na pagkain (i.e., adidas, some fried bulaklak-like thing on a stick; etc); jologs na damit (i.e., some t-shirt and acid wash jeans) among other things. I’m taking it to mean “throwback” or “retro” or something to that effect. Again, someone please clarify.

Question 4: Is it too late to be reunited with a former flame? A friend of mine thinks that she’s still in love with an ex. They haven’t been together in years (as in 6 years, I think). They are both in their own respective relationships. Lately, she’s been thinking of the past and how she thinks she should’ve stuck by him. I think it’s too late. Unless he feels the same way. And why rock the boat right? Any thoughts?

Question 5: Should I shell out $600+ to go to a music festival that I KNOW WILL BE KICK-ASS!! Thing is, it’s in Austin, Texas. It’s called the Austin City Limits Festival –a three-day music fest that features a slew of bands that I really dig. I know it’ll be a fantastic experience! However, going would require me to purchase 1) tickets to the concert (about $110 for a 3-day festival = not bad since there will be over 100 bands); 2) air fare tickets (about $400 after a quick on-line search…ouch!); and 3) a hotel: who knows if there’s still cheap-o motels available at this point? Plus, I’d really like a friend to come with me and I don’t anyone who’d be willing to shell out that much dough for me (although I’d offer to pay for the hotel).

Song of the Day:

One Hundred Years by The Cure

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