On Good Vibrations and Upcoming Vacations Bloc Pa…

16 June 2005

On Good Vibrations and Upcoming Vacations

Bloc Party: I saw Bloc Party last Tuesday at Webster Hall. I don’t recall having ever been in Webster Hall before and was leery of watching a show there. Webster Hall is known as a cheesy club where the ration of men to women is like 10:1. Yet it has been a staple of the NYC club scene and still draws in tons of people. In any case, I was right to question the venue. Although the acoustics were great and the hall spacious, it was fucking hot! There was A/C in the bar area downstairs, but NOT upstairs where the band was playing. Imagine 600+ people in a crowded dance hall with very little AC coming out of the vents. It sure pissed me off. Everyone was nice enough to try not to touch each other, however, we all still sweated profusely. As I listened to Bloc Party, I felt sweat dripping from my forehead, neck, and even my legs! Gross. The only saving grace was Bloc Party itself (although for a while there, I was wishing that would just hurry the hell up, stop talking, and just play dammit!) Bloc Party was superb! Excellent sound with tons of energy! And for their “encore” –they played about 6/7 songs!

More Music News: So my band still hasn’t played any gigs. On top of that, we don’t even have a name yet. We haven’t practiced as a group in more than a month due to Jesica, (lead singer-guitarist) being sick. Our next studio practice won’t be until next week and then after that, I’ll be gone for a week. On the plus side, Jesica has finally decided against the name “Squares” for our band name. Finally! So we are on the hunt for the perfect band name. Here are some of my band name suggestions (and do pipe up if you have any suggestions or comments):

  • Strangest Angels or Strange as Angels (from a Cure song)
  • Spiraling Downward
  • The Fates
  • 4 Fates
  • Venus Falling (only because Jesica wants “Venus” in there)
  • Book of Mary
  • Modern Tart
  • Paperdoll or Paperdolls
  • Seventeen Seconds

I’m really hoping to play live somewhere out there. Hopefully before I’m truly old and moldy. Whenever I see a band play live, I get so inspired (even if the band sucks). There’s nothing like live music to make you feel like a wanna-be rockstar.

Ciao Bellas! Guess what! I am going to Italy! Okay, so I’m not going until November but I have already booked our flights and am already super-excited! I’m going to Italy with the hubs and 2 other friends. We are going to Florence, Venice, and Rome! I have been bugging the hubs for a while now to go to Italy. At long last, he agreed to go; the trip would be in honor of his 31st birthday come November (although it would really be a present for me! Hee-hee). So I asked my friends if anyone would like to come with, and thus, a group of 4 was formed. The downside is that we won’t be there that long. We will only be there from November 19-27th (and the 19th and the 27th are traveling days) and can only spare about a few nights in each city. I had originally wanted to do only 2 cities so that we could spend ample time exploring, but was persuaded to add Venice. (I had wanted to do Venice and Milan on another occasion). I think the traveling from one city to another would be fun regardless. We’ll be taking the Italy Rail from city to city once we get there and fly home from Rome. I can’t wait!! The hubs has been to Italy, but I haven’t! I’m so excited!

Cruising Around: Speaking of holidays, I’m actually set to leave for my Caribbean cruise in about 2 weeks! I’ll be cruising to Belize, Mexico, and the Grand Cayman islands! I’m so happy to be able to go on three long holidays this year! I can’t wait for the cruise either, but am slightly sad that the hubs can’t come with. At least I’ll be with my family so I know it’ll be an interesting experience. If you haven’t been on a cruise before, let me just say that you will gain about 5 pounds from all the eating. No joke. Cruising is all about the food. You will be completely stuffed by the time you are done. We’re talking huge breakfast buffets, formal 3-course dinners, lunchtime BBQ’s, and midnight desserts feasts. This is why I’ve been trying to lose 5 pounds (to no avail) before I go so that I can come out even when I get back!

Song of the Day:

Price of Gas by Bloc Party

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