Pictures from the Cruise and Random Wednesday Blur…

20 July 2005

Pictures from the Cruise and Random Wednesday Blurbs

Cruise Pictures: I uploaded pictures from my cruise. Rather than post them up (since I was too lazy to fix them up), I thought I’d just share my album online. So please click here if you’d like to take a look at my cruise pictures. I haven’t fixed them in anyway, but they are relatively clear. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any.

Financial Woes: So my bank called me yesterday. They personally called me to tell me that I did not have enough money in my account to cover a $125 debit that was being posted to my account (this was an automatic amount subtracted from my checking to be transferred to my savings account). The guy basically asked me to put more money into the account, otherwise, they’d be forced to charge me an overdraft fee of $30 (not to mention put my account into the red). I told him “I can’t do anything. I don’t get paid until Thursday midnight and I have no money to put into the account.” How sad huh? I swear, I had more money when I was in high school and college. The bank guy sounded like he felt bad for me (that, or he was repressing a chuckle) and said, “well we’ll give you until 12:30 pm to see if you can deposit more funds.” Mind you, this conversation was at 12:15 pm. Even if I did have money to deposit, it was highly unlikely that I could get to the bank in time to deposit anything! So I had no choice, told him I’m broke, and that is that. Gawd…where did my money go? Well I know exactly where it went. Bills, BBQ supplies, and nothing else. Sheeeyt.

Harry Potter rocks! Yeah, despite my efforts to “pace it out,” I finished reading Half-Blood Prince the day after I got it. I received my copy by owl early in the morning of July 16th. I only got a chance to read Chapter 1 since I was hosting the BBQ the whole day. Then on Sunday, I lounged after church and found myself already halfway through. But it’s not like sped-read my way through it. I savored every single sentence, paragraph, and chapter. I even took breaks to eat dinner and watch TV. As I read, I burst out laughing a lot, but was relatively sad throughout the last ¼ of the book. Oh, so sad!! But there were definitely some cool parts. I really, really should’ve waited longer before I started reading it. Out of all the books, I can definitely say this one had the least action going on. It’s very subtle, but still good. My favorite is still Book 3: Prisoner of Azkaban, followed by Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix. I’m so sad that the next book will be the last…unless of course Harry goes to Hogwarts Grad School (or if we follow his adventures if he does end up to be an Auror!)

Fitness Issues: So I haven’t been to the gym since coming back from holiday. On the plus side, I did go to the gym while on the cruise. I’ve been meaning to do walking as my new form of cardio, but I want to do it in the morning. It’s really hard to get up early, and it’s too darn hot to walk in the afternoon. I guess I should just force my arse to go back to the gym. Yuck.

Cooking and Eating Out: I haven’t cooked a single meal for almost 2 weeks now. Poor hubs. We’ve been living off take out, leftovers from mom, and leftovers from the BBQ. Today, I vow to cook some vegetables, and then have the hubs grill some salmon steaks or porkchops for dinner. Then this weekend, I’ll cook up some dishes so we can eat them for the rest of the week. I’ve just been so tired. When I get home, all I do is lounge on the couch, watch TV, read, and veg. I’m such a lazy arse.

Song of the Day:
Dub Be Good To Me by Beats International
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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