Adventures at the Doctor I went to the ob-gyn yes…

15 September 2005

Adventures at the Doctor

I went to the ob-gyn yesterday for a check-up and to do a test called the multiple-marker or AFP test. It’s basically a standard test offered to women during their 16-20th of pregnancy. I personally don’t think getting the AFP is all that important to me. I was just being a lemming and followed what most pregnant women do and hence took the test. I didn’t even know that I could’ve passed on it. I should get the results on Monday, but it wouldn’t change a thing for me.

While at the doc’s, I found out that I gained 4.5 pounds since my last visit 2 weeks ago. This means I overshot my goal of gaining a pound a week. Perhaps the 4.5 pounds contributed to the sausage feeling I’m having right now (see below for the whole story). I’m going to start working out again and lifting weights. No hard cardio or anything, but I do want the rest of me toned up. I’d like to be able to physically fit to take care of the baby once it pops out. My flabby arms are my enemy! Die flabby arms! Die!

While at the doc’s, I also found out that my lab results got lost. I had about 4 vials of blood drawn the last time I was at the doctors for various testing purposes. Apparently, the lab never got them or if they did, they got lost on the way back. My doc doesn’t understand how it happened since they have an elaborate system of logging in labs, etc. The whole office was very apologetic about the whole thing. Bottom line: I had to have blood drawn and another culture taken from me.

While at the doc’s, I heard the little bunny’s heart beat. I love hearing the baby’s heartbeat. It’s a big reassurance factor it I must say. Each time I hear it, I get really excited and hopeful.

My next appointment is 4 weeks from now and I’m having my anatomical ultrasound done. I can’t wait!

Other ‘Misadventures’

I got some pregnant lady cat calls this week! Hahah…Some guy passed by in his truck yesterday and yelled out “hey sexy!” to me. I looked around but no one else was there, so he must be talking to me by process of elimination. Weirdo. Did he not see my beer belly aka 4 month-belly hanging out? It sucks cuz I’m still at this “limbo” stage where I’m not overtly pregnant, but I do have a big gut sticking out. Like I said before, I should wear a shirt saying “I’m not getting fat, I’m just pregnant.”

Even though I’m in a limbo stage, I do need to start buying maternity clothes. I felt like a fucking sausage today. I was wearing a beige suit with a skirt that keeps riding up my thighs and cutting into my waist. I couldn’t exactly zip it up all the way; I have a safety pin holding it together in the back. It’s time to retire this suit, I guess, although I wore it 2 weeks ago with no problems!

I’ve been getting by with fastening my skirts and pants with safety pins. I’ve tried on stuff from Mimi Maternity, Motherhood, and A Pea in the Pod (not that I would buy anything from this last store though). Everything was freaking huge. I got these supposedly petite size small pants, tried them on and found it falling off me. On the other hand, I tried on a skirt that fit okay. There really must be something wrong with their sizing. It doesn’t help that I’m short either. All I want is a nice 3-piece suit that I can mix and match and wear for work that is not made out of polyester or rayon or spandex. I don’t mind paying money for a nice suit because I know I’ll use it. If I don’t find a proper suit soon, what I think I’ll do is just buy regular clothes in a much bigger size. We’ll see. I also got some stuff from Old Navy and the Gap and those clothes were pretty cool.

Tales from a Couch Potato

All I do when I get back from work is cook dinner, eat, and watch TV. My new favorite show is Prison Break. Love it! Yes I know the acting is less than stellar, but I dig it anyway. I think it’s entertaining, plus Wentworth Miller is hotness! I’m also going to be parked in front of the TV for the rest of the year because all my old favorites are back with a new season: Lost, Alias, Desperate Housewives, and Nip/Tuck. Oh yeah! Unfortunately, I’ll have to give up Family Guy on Sundays once Desperate Housewives comes back on.

Okay, off to watch my shows. Have a great weekend everyone!

Song of the Day:

Retreat by The Rakes
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