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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Halloween rocks! It’s my favori…

31 October 2005


Halloween rocks! It’s my favorite holiday, second only to Christmas. In light of Halloween, I thought I’d share a couple of “ghost blurbs” –not quite stories, but little vignettes of experiences we’ve had…

Tales from 77 Madasalin Street

The Old Piano: I grew up in the Philippines with my family. We lived at 77 Madasalin Street in Sikatuna Village by the Univeristy of the Philippines (U.P. Diliman). Like most families, we believe and have had our share of experiences with the supernatural. One that easily comes to mind is the “piano incident.” When I was about 8 or 9 years old, there was a time that my dad had to go away on business for a few days. So it was just my mom, me, my baby brother (who was probably just a year old at the time), his nanny, and one of our housekeepers left at home. Sometime around midnight, we all woke up and heard someone banging on the piano. There was no music, only someone who sounded like they were pounding the life out of the piano keys! I got scared and stayed in bed. My mom stormed out of her room and went into mine because she thought it was me! When she got to my room, she saw that I was there and that the piano was still playing. So she quickly peeked into the living room to see who it was. She discovered that there was no one at the piano at all! My mom freaked out, took everyone out of the house, and drove to my lolo’s house that same night.

The Old Woman by the Gate: We also fondly remember the “old woman incident.” One day, we were expecting one of my dad’s colleagues to come over to our house. So my dad waited for a few hours, but the guy never showed up. The next day, my dad called the guy and asked him how come he never came over.

My dad: Hey, we waited for you yesterday and you never showed up. Did anything happen?
Guy: I was there. The old woman told me you guys left and to never come back to your house!
My dad: What old woman?
Guy: You know, the old lady who was sweeping by your front gates. She was really nasty and told me to leave your house immediately!
My dad: We don’t have any old ladies living with us. Maybe you went to the wrong house.
Guy: No, 77 Madasalin, right? You have a silver gate?
My dad: Yes, exactly. And you say someone told you to leave?
Guy: Yes, she was really old. She was carrying a broom, and she was wearing some really old-looking clothes. She was very, very angry and said to leave your house.
My dad: Naku!

And that was that. But the guy wasn’t the only one who had seen the old woman. Over the years, it seems several people have seen the ‘ghost’ of some old woman who hovers by our gate and keeps telling people to get out of there.

To this day, my whole family thinks our old house is haunted. I’m inclined to agree, although I’m quite happy that I never had an encounter with the old woman! Creepy…

And on that note….Happy Halloween Everyone!

Song of the Day:
Fascination Street by The Cure
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Miami, Interrupted The hubs and I originally plan…

27 October 2005

Miami, Interrupted

The hubs and I originally planned a short holiday to Miami from Oct. 22nd-25th. Unfortunately, Hurricane Wilma hit and created a ruckus in Miami and its surrounding areas. Fortunately, Continental Airlines is letting passengers reschedule flights without penalty. So we rescheduled our trip for this coming weekend: Oct. 29 to Nov. 1st.

Well it looks like it won’t be happening. Miami is still affected and some areas still don’t have power or water. In fact, the Fort Lauderdale Airport (where we were going to fly in) just re-opened today. My parents are pretty anxious about the state of our condo down there. According to the news, a lot of the high-rise condominiums were damaged by the wind. Many buildings lost their windows and are full of debris. My parents have been trying to contact the condo association for a week now, to no avail. The phones there are either busy or just keep on ringing. We don’t even know if there’s water or power in our building. As much as we’d like to check on the state of our condo, we don’t even know if we’ll have a safe place to stay! On the bright side, at least no one we know got hurt and all we’re worrying about is property damage! So I’m in no way complaining…I know a lot of people have it much worse. I think it’s so sad how so many people are affected by these recent natural disasters. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

So for now, our trip to Miami is postponed. Looks like I’ll be around to hand out Halloween candy after all! Sweet! I love Halloween!

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A Pain that I’m Used to by Depeche Mode
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Dim Sum Sunday My stomach was already growling by…

23 October 2005

Dim Sum Sunday

My stomach was already growling by the end of Mass this morning, so I asked the hubs if we could go out for dim sum afterwards –my treat. There is a restaurant within walking distance from our house that serves excellent dim sum on the weekends. We don’t even have to go to Chinatown, which is good because the hubs hates going there.

Today, we feasted on pork fried rice, seafood dumplings, steamed shrimp dumpling (shrimp har gow), fried dumplings, and pork siomai/shumai. Click here for a sampling. We were very full and even had leftovers to take home. After the meal, I did attempt to pay (since I did tell the hubs that I was treating him!), but it turns out that they only accept American Express. While I do have an Amex card, I don’t use it at all because it’s a card I’ve been trying to pay off. So it turns out, the hubs treated me after all. Hehehe.

I’ve been enjoying dim sum for as long as I can remember. I first started eating dim sum (also known as “yum cha“) in the Philippines with my parents and relatives. I remember going to this restaurant called ‘Peach Blossoms’ in Edsa (or at least I think it was in Edsa?) and eating fried shrimp balls. They were so good, and I would end up eating the whole thing by myself (they come in four pieces). I also recall my relatives ordering and eating ‘Adidas’ which is their colloquial term for the steamed chicken feet dish. I totally remember not eating that! Although when I got a little older, I did try it and I did like it. To this day though, I would never order it for myself.

Now, I’m happy that the hubs and I have this semi dimsum ritual going on. We don’t go every Sunday, but we always go at least once a month. Our other rituals include going to IHOP for breakfast, and going to our local Japanese supermarket Mitsuwa for udon and ramen. Yum! I can’t wait to come up with a new Sunday ritual once the kid comes!

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Suffer Well by Depeche Mode
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Quick Update: A few minutes after I typed this, I realized that dumb-ass me left my purse in the restaurant!! I ran over to get it and thank heavens it was there, intact, with everything inside! Shites!! I can be such a dumb-ass!!


Just Another Wacky WednesdayI’m in a really pissy,…

19 October 2005

Just Another Wacky Wednesday

I’m in a really pissy, depressed, and self-loathing mood at the moment. I’m stressed out and upset. Unfortunately, I can’t really express myself and reveal details about this particular incident. So instead, I thought I’d just vent in general about good things and bad things and nothing in particular. Please bear with me.

  • I would really like a glass of wine or a vodka cranberry right about now. I was never a big drinker prior to becoming pregnant, but I do like to drink when others are drinking. I also like wine sometimes with my dinner. The doc said it’s pretty safe to take a sip here and there, but I figure I’d save the sipping for when I go to Italy!
  • Speaking of Italy, I had to go the Italian Consulate a couple of weeks ago to get a tourist visa for our upcoming trip in November. I’m currently a U.S. Permanent Resident, not quite a citizen. Whenever I travel, I have to look up the visa requirement for that country and I usually have to apply for a visa because I’m still considered a citizen of the Philippines. Poor Philippines. We just don’t get a break when it comes to traveling. I usually have to bring tons of documents with me just to get a stinking tourist visa. The Italian visa I got cost me $42.50 and half a day off from work.
  • More on traveling: So the hubs and I planned a trip to Miami this coming weekend. Lo and behold: Hurricane Wilma is on the attack. wonder our airfare was only $150 each roundtrip! Not sure how it’ll affect us, but it definitely won’t be sunny when we get there! And I’m sure our flight will be delayed and all that jazz.
  • The hubs says we won’t be traveling for a while once the baby comes. I agree. More so because we probably can’t afford it since I’ll be out of work for 6 months. My family and his family are actually booking a trip to Eastern Europe for June next year and they’re urging us to go. They even offered to help pay for the airfare. Unfortunately, the hubs doesn’t have a lot of days-off like I do. I even joked about it being just me and the baby, but of course I wouldn’t have fun without him. More importantly, the baby will only be about 3 months then. Definitely too young to travel in my book.
  • I’ve been craving cupcakes for the past month or so. I would really love some cupcakes from either Magnolia Bakery or Cupcake Café. Would definitely appreciate it if anyone happens to be near there and grabs me some! I don’t know what it is. I can just envision myself biting into a nice chocolate cupcake with rich mocha buttercream (that’s Cupcake Café!) or a cupcake full of buttery frosting from Magnolia. *drool*
  • As I type this, my bad mood is slowly going away. This is very good!
  • Milestone: I’ve started to feel the baby move!! Actually, a couple of weeks ago, I’ve already started to feel “fluttering” inside my belly. Truth be told, at first I thought it was just gas. But then I realized it was the baby moving ever so softly. It felt like a butterfly moving in my tummy. This week, however, the movements have definitely become stronger! They feel like actual pokes! Very nifty! But they’re still not defined enough that I can grab the hubs’ hand and say “feel this!” Probably any day now though!
  • I’m going to see Depeche Mode in December! I think it’ll be a kick-ass show. This is the 3rd time I’ll be seeing them in concert and they are just great live. They always put on an excellent show despite the fact that they’re all sort of tethered to their keyboards. I haven’t heard their new album yet, but I hear it’s promising. Nonetheless, it’ll be worth it just to hear classics like “People are People,” “Strangelove,” and “Enjoy the Silence.”
  • Another thing to look forward to is our baby shower! My mom and friends are planning it. I didn’t want a shower where it’s just a bunch of ladies sitting around. This shower is more of a party with all our family and friends. We’ll even be playing Texas Hold ‘Em! I hope there will be a good turnout! The weather is unpredictable here in the East Coast and it’ll be the heart of winter during the shower.
  • Lost is on tonight! I’m invested a lot of time in this show and I expect some answers tonight dammit! I hate how the show strings you along, but yet I keep watching!

Okay, I feel much better. Now it’s time to eat dinner! Peace out!

Song of the Day:

Like Eating Glass by Bloc Party

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Back to Blogging! Hm…I’m not even sure if anyone …

18 October 2005

Back to Blogging!

Hm…I’m not even sure if anyone noticed that I was on a ‘break,’ but I’m back with more new tales to tell. I was originally going to start blogging after my holiday to Miami, but since I’ve got something to say…hey, why not?

Baby Update: I had my anatomical ultrasound done last Friday. I have officially reached the half-way mark of 20-weeks! Another 20 weeks more or less and the baby will be here! The ultrasound took about 45 minutes. The doc said everything was fine which is always great news. The baby was moving around and waving its arms and legs during the procedure. Very cool. The hubs and I were very happy to see that the baby is doing well. No, we did not find out the sex of the baby –we’re still trying to wait it out until the day it pops out. But I am dying to know! I may cave in and do this trick that a friend of ours did: They asked their doctor to put their baby’s sex in an envelope. During Christmas, they opened the envelope as a gift to themselves and found out what they were having. Pretty neat. Who knows…I may end up doing that! I still have a chance of finding out since I finally buckled down and scheduled a 3D/4D ultrasound in December. So I do have an opportunity to find out if I really wanted to.

Ultrasound Pics:

The baby’s profile at 20 weeks…
Image hosted by
The baby’s tiny foot!
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How are you feeling? If I had a dollar for each time someone asked me that, I’d certainly have enough to buy Starbucks mochas twice a week! It’s so funny how people talk to you in an almost patronizing manner because you are preggo. Just because I’m preggo doesn’t mean I’m an invalid! I always tell them I feel fine, and that no, I don’t have any morning sickness. But a part of me gets slightly irritated whenever people ask that question. I really don’t know why. I know they’re just being nice and thoughtful, but at the same time, I don’t feel any different at all. But that’s just me. I’m weird like that.
Plastiq Passion: We have our very first gig lined-up!! I’m so excited, not to mention freaking out over it! It’s funny. I want to be a rock-star but I’m shy when it comes to actually being in front of people! We’re playing at a lounge/bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at midnight on a worknight! I have no idea how I’m going to swing that, but I’m certainly not missing out on the opportunity. I’ll have to play sitting down since I have to hold my guitar off to the side. Not the world’s most comfortable way to play, but it works. Please check out for our band’s site. I’m actually singing on one of the tracks (guess which one!). Let me know what you think but please be nice! =) The mp3s on there aren’t exactly stellar quality, and there is no bass line (since we lost out bassist a month ago). We are working on a better recording and it’ll be up soon. By the way, if you’d like to add us a friend, all you have to do is ask!

It’s interesting how our band is finally coming along now of all times! Already, I’m thinking of how I’m going to commit to the band once the kid pops out. I asked my doc about me being in a band to see if it was safe (since my bandmates told me to). The doc asked how often do I play and I said we practice about a couple of times a week and that we are pretty loud. She actually advised me to stop in about 4 weeks or so! I was quite surprised. She said the kid hears everything, and I guess she’s just erring on the side of caution. I’ll definitely cut back on the practice, but I’ll certainly be there if we have another gig lined up. Even my bandmates are excited about the kid. We joke about training the kid to be our roadie so s/he can learn to string a guitar at age 4 in less than 1 minute! Hehehe…

Last but not the least…I got a raise at work! It’s nice, but I know I don’t make nearly enough as my friends do. I appreciate it all the same, but I do wish I made more money. Half the time, I feel like kicking myself for wanting and having a job in the public interest sector. Why couldn’t I be like my other friends who work in big corporations as consultants, analysts, etc and make great salaries? I’ve certainly complained about my job before, but as much as I don’t like the pay, I do like the work. I would just like to earn more so as to provide a great life for my family to be. In due time I guess…

Song of the Day:
Jumping Someone Else’s Train by The Cure
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Across the Narrows I went to the Across the Narro…

2 October 2005

Across the Narrows

I went to the Across the Narrows show yesterday. The hubs was sweet enough to accompany me. The show was held at the Richmond Ballpark in Staten Island and it turned out to be a very nice venue with a view of the water.

Interpol rocked! This is the 4th time I’ve seen them live and they just get better and better! I even hung around the stage hoping to get a picture with them. Damn, I’m such a groupie! Hahaha…

Some photos:

Me at the show…this is officially the baby’s first concert (albeit in utero)!
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Image hosted by
Daniel Kessler…how dreamy!
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Carlos D. looking cool as usual…
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After the show, we went to our friend’s 30th birthday party, which was conveniently located in Staten Island as well. We chilled, ate tons of food and birthday cake, and watched the boxing match between Tarver vs. Jones (which was big let down!). We didn’t get home until after 1 am and I was dead-tired. I’m actually supposed to see Interpol again tonight, but I think I’ll take it easy and park my ass in front of the couch instead!

In other news…

I’ll be taking a short hiatus from blogging for the time being… I have tons of re-organization to do around the house. My big project is cleaning out my closet: I have to put away my summer clothes and clothes that no longer fit me; make room for my winter and maternity clothes; and clean out the room that will become our nursery! I’m even thinking of painting even though preggos should avoid it. Don’t worry, I’ll ask my doc for the final verdict before starting a painting project.

The hubs and I will be also be taking a short holiday to Miami, Florida in a couple of weeks. I’ll be back, hopefully with more new tales to tell.

Have a great week folks!

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Train in Vain by The Clash
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