Just Another Wacky WednesdayI’m in a really pissy,…

19 October 2005

Just Another Wacky Wednesday

I’m in a really pissy, depressed, and self-loathing mood at the moment. I’m stressed out and upset. Unfortunately, I can’t really express myself and reveal details about this particular incident. So instead, I thought I’d just vent in general about good things and bad things and nothing in particular. Please bear with me.

  • I would really like a glass of wine or a vodka cranberry right about now. I was never a big drinker prior to becoming pregnant, but I do like to drink when others are drinking. I also like wine sometimes with my dinner. The doc said it’s pretty safe to take a sip here and there, but I figure I’d save the sipping for when I go to Italy!
  • Speaking of Italy, I had to go the Italian Consulate a couple of weeks ago to get a tourist visa for our upcoming trip in November. I’m currently a U.S. Permanent Resident, not quite a citizen. Whenever I travel, I have to look up the visa requirement for that country and I usually have to apply for a visa because I’m still considered a citizen of the Philippines. Poor Philippines. We just don’t get a break when it comes to traveling. I usually have to bring tons of documents with me just to get a stinking tourist visa. The Italian visa I got cost me $42.50 and half a day off from work.
  • More on traveling: So the hubs and I planned a trip to Miami this coming weekend. Lo and behold: Hurricane Wilma is on the attack. Hm..no wonder our airfare was only $150 each roundtrip! Not sure how it’ll affect us, but it definitely won’t be sunny when we get there! And I’m sure our flight will be delayed and all that jazz.
  • The hubs says we won’t be traveling for a while once the baby comes. I agree. More so because we probably can’t afford it since I’ll be out of work for 6 months. My family and his family are actually booking a trip to Eastern Europe for June next year and they’re urging us to go. They even offered to help pay for the airfare. Unfortunately, the hubs doesn’t have a lot of days-off like I do. I even joked about it being just me and the baby, but of course I wouldn’t have fun without him. More importantly, the baby will only be about 3 months then. Definitely too young to travel in my book.
  • I’ve been craving cupcakes for the past month or so. I would really love some cupcakes from either Magnolia Bakery or Cupcake Café. Would definitely appreciate it if anyone happens to be near there and grabs me some! I don’t know what it is. I can just envision myself biting into a nice chocolate cupcake with rich mocha buttercream (that’s Cupcake Café!) or a cupcake full of buttery frosting from Magnolia. *drool*
  • As I type this, my bad mood is slowly going away. This is very good!
  • Milestone: I’ve started to feel the baby move!! Actually, a couple of weeks ago, I’ve already started to feel “fluttering” inside my belly. Truth be told, at first I thought it was just gas. But then I realized it was the baby moving ever so softly. It felt like a butterfly moving in my tummy. This week, however, the movements have definitely become stronger! They feel like actual pokes! Very nifty! But they’re still not defined enough that I can grab the hubs’ hand and say “feel this!” Probably any day now though!
  • I’m going to see Depeche Mode in December! I think it’ll be a kick-ass show. This is the 3rd time I’ll be seeing them in concert and they are just great live. They always put on an excellent show despite the fact that they’re all sort of tethered to their keyboards. I haven’t heard their new album yet, but I hear it’s promising. Nonetheless, it’ll be worth it just to hear classics like “People are People,” “Strangelove,” and “Enjoy the Silence.”
  • Another thing to look forward to is our baby shower! My mom and friends are planning it. I didn’t want a shower where it’s just a bunch of ladies sitting around. This shower is more of a party with all our family and friends. We’ll even be playing Texas Hold ‘Em! I hope there will be a good turnout! The weather is unpredictable here in the East Coast and it’ll be the heart of winter during the shower.
  • Lost is on tonight! I’m invested a lot of time in this show and I expect some answers tonight dammit! I hate how the show strings you along, but yet I keep watching!

Okay, I feel much better. Now it’s time to eat dinner! Peace out!

Song of the Day:

Like Eating Glass by Bloc Party

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