10 Not-So-Cool Things About Being Pregnant10. Peop…

3 November 2005

10 Not-So-Cool Things About Being Pregnant

10. People will fawn over you and force you to make small talk.

9. People will share their pregnancy horror stories with you –whether you like it or not.

8. People will always have ‘advice’ to share with you –whether you like it or not.

7. You will not be able to fit into your favorite outfits.

6. The selection of maternity clothes –cool ones will be expensive and the ones you can afford will be on the crappy side or will be styles you normally don’t wear.

5. Bending over to tie your shoes or pick something up will leave you huffing and puffing.

4. You will feel fat and big.

3. Not being able to snowboard.

2. No meeting up with friends for drinks or going out for sushi or raw oysters (unless you’re really daring!)

1. Realizing that the baby will have to come out in some way, shape, or form! Yikes!

10 Cool Things About Being Pregnant

10. People will treat you much nicer than before. Even folks who barely said hi to you before pregnancy (BP) will take the time to ask how you are doing.

9. You can always ask your friends or co-workers “are you going to eat that?” and they more than likely will give you some of their food (although I already do tend to ask that BP).

8. Gaining weight is a good thing and something you actually have to do!

7. You can eat all the ice cream you want (although this applied to me BP as well).

6. You can get away with doing less housework! (The hubs has taken over the cleaning of the bathroom because of the fumes from the cleaners we use).

5. You don’t have to work out as much as you did before (in fact, you shouldn’t do cardio that will raise your heartrate to over 140 bpm! In my case, I just turned into a couch potato.)

4. Your boobs will get bigger (although it hasn’t happened to me yet. I’m still waiting!)

3. Shopping for new clothes is a must!

2. Baby-related prep work: thinking of how to decorate the nursery; buying little baby outfits; creating a baby registry; thinking up of baby names; dreaming of the baby…etc…

And the number ONE cool thing about being pregnant is….

1. You don’t have to suck in your gut after a big meal!

All kidding aside, so far my pregnancy has been a breeze. I never had any morning sickness to begin with, and so far, I haven’t broken the scale in terms of weight gain (although I’m sure I’ll double in size later on). I’m pretty energetic and I’m not more tired than usual (although I know I should really do some form of physical activity). And I’m really trying to eat better. I *try* to eat at least one fruit and 3 types of veggies a day (I won’t even mention the amount of junk food I ate on Halloween!)

I actually joined a prenatal yoga class and it started today. It was a better experience than just doing my prenatal yoga DVD at home. For one thing, it was cool to see other preggo women since we all come in different shapes and sizes. I think I am huge for someone who is only 22/23 weeks pregnant, but like they say, every pregnancy is different and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. Still, I think I’ve ballooned! See for yourself!

Me at 18 Weeks (4.5 months)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me at 22 Weeks (5.5 months)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Song of the Day:

Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

p.s. HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY to my Li’l Bro Mikey!


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