UPDATED! How to Get a Tan in the Middle of Winter…

20 December 2005


How to Get a Tan in the Middle of Winter

The hubs and I just got back from a short holiday to Miami. We initially planned this trip in late October, but then Hurricane Wilma hit and we had to reschedule our flight plans twice. So we reschedule for this weekend and succesfully flew out this past Friday and got back in tonight. We stayed at my parents’ condo which thankfully had no structural damage whatsoever from the hurricane. All the adjacent highrises near our condo had several windows blown out. Luckily, the only damage to the condo was water damage and mold to my parent’s bed and bedroom walls. Otherwise, nothing was broken.

The hubs and I had a great time relaxing in the 80-degree weather. It was a welcome change from the 15-degree weather we have here in the East Coast. In Miami, we had the chance to unwind, relax in the pool, sunbathe and even get slight tans! We ate tons of food, hung out together, and had a great time –just the two of us. This is probably out last trip together alone for a good while!

All I Want for Christmas is….You!

I can’t believe Christmas Eve is only 4 days away! I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. I only need to buy one more thing for one special person, but other than that, all I need to do is wrap presents. The hubs is asking what I want to Christmas, but our little holiday together is nice enough. I told him we can just go on a baby clothes shopping spree as my present, but he knows that I like to open something up on Christmas day. So here’s a list of things I would be more than happy to get for Christmas:

  • Anything from our baby registries at Buy Buy Baby and Target (I really don’t need anything, but the baby certainly does! And I’m getting slightly worried that we may not be able to get the essentials.. e.g., car seat, stroller, changing table, etc.)
  • Anything from my Amazon Wish List
  • Gift certificates for Barnes and Noble; Starbucks; and Amazon are always appreciated.
  • Gift certificate to Bliss or Salon Spa 5 (I am in need of a prenatal or post-natal massage for my achy back! A nice facial would also be superb!)
  • National Amusements Movie Theater Passes for the hubs & I
  • Diapers for the baby (it’s never too early to stock up)
  • Ok…I’m also trying to save up for a Walkmill. I’ve begged my parents and the hubs to help chip in but they just brush me off! I figured I can use it to help me shape up after the baby in the comfort of my own home. So for those who are interested, I am currently trying to save up funds to buy a Walkmill. Let me know if you want to contribute =).

But the only thing I’m really praying for this Christmas is that we are blessed with a healthy, happy baby when the time comes!


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