My Fridge This pic is for Toni. She took a photo …

2 May 2006

My Fridge

This pic is for Toni. She took a photo of her own fridge and invited others to do the same –thus starting the Ref Door Project! My fridge door, unfortunately, isn’t as organized as hers, but it will be once I do a thorough cleaning on the kitchen (whenever that is! =).

My fridge has magnets that I acquired as souvenirs during my travels. There’s not a lot since I only recently started collecting the magnets. Prior to that, I collected shot glasses from my trips (and I have more than 50 of those before I realized I didn’t have that much space for them!) My fridge magnets hold up pictures and cards from our friends and family (as well as assorted coupons, receipts, etc). I also have random magnets from businesses, and a “vaci-wheel” that helps us remember when rockstar baby should get his vaccinations. I actually have more magnets somewhere, but can you believe I still haven’t unearthed them from when we moved to our house in August 2003?!

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