Countdown to 30 It’s a little less than a month …

13 June 2006

Countdown to 30

It’s a little less than a month before my *gasp* 30th birthday! I am officially not going to be ‘twenty-something’ anymore. Ye gods. The years have just gone by it seems. I don’t mind… that much. ’30’ is the new ’21’ after all! In light of my upcoming b-day, I’m going to post a few ’30-related’ entries within the next few weeks. Here’s the first one:

30 Things About Me (1-15)

  1. I am so happy to be a momma! Rockstar baby is quite possibly the best addition to my life (aside from marriage and all that fun stuff). He’s the most beautiful baby ever with rockstar hair and everything.
  2. I am terrified of getting crows-feet around the eyes! I may not wash my face every night, but I sure put on eye cream religiously.
  3. I am HTML-illiterate: it took me forever to fix this freaking template and now, it looks just like my old template with different colors. Gah! (And don’t even say anything about the archives).
  4. I paid off ALL my credit card debt! Well, not counting the new balance that’s staring me in the face right now, but that’s because…
  5. I am broke at the moment. As in I have no salary, no savings, nothing. I am getting by with the help of the hubs and my parents, and yes, the credit cards (if I really have to buy something which totally negates #4). Damn. I feel more like a 13-year old than almost 30!
  6. Today, I ate 5 cookies, a choco-taco, 1 Crunch stick, and a mini chocolate scone. Oh and a frappucino.
  7. But I now weigh my ‘normal’ pre-pregnancy weight.
  8. And I can fit back into my Seven jeans! (granted, I can’t breathe, but you gotta pick your battles).
  9. I’m sad that my friend Trish is moving to Georgia in exactly 1 week!
  10. I’m not a very confident person, but I am proud that:
  11. I survived childbirth (feeling most of the pain, as I only got to have 3 hours worth of epidural-bliss).
  12. I passed the bar exam in 2 states in one try (NY and NJ).
  13. I graduated from an all-women’s college and have a degree from an Ivy League University.
  14. That I played at legendary CBGB’s with my band (although it was not one of our better shows).
  15. And we are in the middle of recording a demo. We laid down the drum beats last week. I’m so excited!

Part 15-30 to be continued…


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