30 Things About Me (Continued, 15-30)(See my previ…

14 June 2006

30 Things About Me (Continued, 15-30)

(See my previous post for the first half of this list and why I’m doing it!)

15. Despite my rockstar leanings, I cannot read notes. Yes, even though I took piano lessons for 5 years and my piano teacher wanted me to go to a music school.

16. But I can play by ear and watch other people play a piece and learn it that way.

17. I am a former fashionista. I have more than a dozen purses by Gucci, Prada, and Fendi and yet my everyday bag is my $3.50 satchel from Old Navy.

18. I used to dress a lot more stylish and trendier, but now my look is more ‘urban, laid-back, rocker.’ This really just translates to: jeans or a skirt topped with some sort of band or concert tee or a tank top.

19. But I do love accessorizing and I love buying jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

20. Yet my favorite accessories are my black, rubber bangles. I wear these almost everyday.

21. I did not get to accomplish my goal of publishing a novel before I turn 30. Unless I magically finish a manuscript and get it published within the next 25 days.

22. I would still like to accomplish this goal before I turn 35. I’ve always loved the way a book can transport you to a totally different world. Of course it would help greatly if I actually wrote something. Ha!

23. In a similar vein, I believe I have read more than 500 books in my lifetime thus far. Maybe more.

24. I also want to start scrapbooking and document rockstar baby’s milestones. I have all the materials to start, but haven’t actually started a single page. It’s really hard to squeeze in scrapbooking while taking care of a baby all day.

25. I really want to be as skinny as my friend Girlie, but I accept the fact that I am not and never will be (unless I win the lottery and can suddenly hire a trainer, personal chef, and nanny).

26. Otherwise, I’m really happy with myself. Most of the time. Okay, ¾ of the time. Hey, we all have our fat days and self-deprecating moments. I think what I’m really worried about is looking old and busted.

27. I will soon become a U.S. Citizen! My interview will be at the end of July! I will soon be able to travel without having to apply for a freaking visa to every single country I visit.

28. My next travel destination is Greece and I’m hoping this happens next year. I am going to start a vacation fund as soon as I go back to work.

29. But I can see myself not even going back to work and being a stay-at-home-mom. Heck, I’m already thinking of names for our next baby! Even though rockstar baby can be a handful, I would like twins the next go round! Oh yeah. Bring it on.

30. As much I love being a mom, I do miss my old life, and the “just me and the hubs” life. But all in all, I think my life rocks. Talk about eclectic: lawyer by day, rockstar by night, and mom and wife 24/7!


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