Because of Blogging…. I’ve been blogging since 200…

30 July 2006

Because of Blogging….

I’ve been blogging since 2003, and while blog-hopping, I have come across some really great people. Through their blogs, I’ve gotten to know them really well. So much so that some of these bloggers have actually influenced me in some way, shape, or form. So here’s a little ‘homage’ of sorts to some bloggers I’ve admired and frequently visit.

  • I bought my first pair of Havaianas. I was highly influenced by Pam, the Nocturnal Angel who owns like, 100+ pairs of them. Now, I found myself browsing online and wanting to buy more! I think I’m officially a convert! Here’s my first pair (one foot in, and one foot out so you can see the design):

Havaianas Fruits

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  • I dressed head-to-toe in pink! I was challenged by Toni of Wifely Steps! (okay, I cheated! This was actually my Halloween costume from 2 years back! I was Jem –of the Holograms. Does this count?)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • I am trying to be more frugal and am creating a budget courtesy of Pinayhekmi. I vow to be as fiscally responsible as her one day! She always seems to find the right balance!

  • I was inspired by Evi to create my own website banner, hence the one above. She created one for me last year which I didn’t get to use (although I use it as my screen wallpaper!) But the fact that she made one for me challenged me to make one for myself. It’s not quite as polished as the one she made, but it’s a start!

  • I really want to make a podcast for Ms. Bugsy. She’s been quite supportive of my musical endeavors (without having even heard me yet!). Soon! Right now, we are working on our EP –we just have to lay down the vocals, and then it’ll be done. I’ll physically send you a copy, and then the podcast will be next!

  • I want to live in Paris like Kala! Okay, more like visit Paris and meet her! I went to Paris on a student budget back in 1999, but I really want to try to go again and see it properly.

  • I have found a fellow momma with whom I can chat with and share baby stories. Analyse has given me such sage advice since I was preggo, and I love reading her baby stories!

  • I’d like spend more of my weekends dining at fabulous restaurants, shopping at chic little boutiques, finding little treasures, and jet-setting to Los Angeles on a regular basis like Paz. She is the epitome of grace, style, and poise!

I really hope to meet these ladies in the flesh one day (and I’ve been lucky enough to meet Tin already!) In any case, there’s my homage for now (and I’m sure I’ll write another tribute to other bloggers in a bit).

10:15 on a Satuday Night

I’m home alone with the kid on a Saturday night. Rockstar baby’s been asleep since 8 pm and I’m here watching flicks and blogging. The hubs is at a wedding without me, but that’s cool since I went out last night to see The Editors!! Oh yeah! The show was absolutely great, and they were amazing as usual. The lead guitarist is such a cutie; he even joined the crowd and hopped off the stage during the last song! Hot damn. Hot damn.

Okay, I’m off to watch Elizabeth. I loved this movie when I first saw it in the theaters back in 199-something. Hm…theaters. I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in a while! I am dying to see Superman Returns and The Devil Wears Prada, but I can wait until the DVD. But I will definitely run, not walk! to the theaters when the new Transformers movie comes out! It’s going to be sick!! That, and Spider-Man 3. Two words for these two movies: KICK. ASS.


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